Sun Moving Into Scorpio – Oct 22, ’16

scopio-tileSay goodbye to Libra, as we move into the deep water with powerful Scorpio tomorrow. Scorpio rules everything that’s hidden (conscious and unconscious), which is ripe territory for transformation and revelations.

We’re in an interesting time when we don’t know what is real and what isn’t – and the collective is now aware of the deception, so trust issues are rampant. This affects the way people engage with one another, potentially creating skepticism, judgment and separation at worst.

A main topic of conversation is secrets and hidden agendas as we approach the election. It’s not new, it’s just reached a fever pitch. A tipping point.

We have a big reaction to the secrets of others, but think about your own. Are you operating from a place of hiding or compartmentalizing in your life (keeping an area of your life secret from others)? It takes a lot of energy to withhold and operate from different identities that conflict with one another.

My ideal scenario is for you to discover who you really are – and be able to BE that in all areas of your life. It’s a relief – and it’s relaxing to be aligned with your Authentic or Higher Self – to feel safe and proud to be all of you anywhere and everywhere, rather than fearing judgment, rejection or attack. You can’t be truly your power if you don’t feel free.

Scorpio is the energy of transformation and after the Full Moon of last weekend, you are ripe and ready to release that which does not feel true or aligned with your Higher Self.

Letting go requires a certain level of faith – in yourself, and that there is something more waiting for you if you are willing to take the risk and let go. How to know what to do? Honor your feelings around what’s not working.

If you feel sad, uncomfortable, low energy, frustrated or exhausted, something needs to change. Don’t just suffer. That won’t serve you or the Greater Good. We need you to be healthy and thriving!

This is why I always urge you to get support, especially in community with like-minded travelers who are also seeking to evolve and live their Truth. It’s a personal journey, but it’s easier and more fulfilling to do it in connection with your tribe. We didn’t come in to this life to be alone.

Really take stock of what’s working and what’s not this week – and pay attention to what’s outdated or ready to go. This is the time. The energy is supporting you to love yourself enough to make a decision that honors your Highest Good.

I’m rooting for you!

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