Sun in Virgo / Mercury Retrograde – August 2023


We are in the wake of the New Moon in Leo (square Uranus), that invites you to align with your Evolving Self, to liberate yourself from restrictive structures/patterns, so you are free to pursue your Being and expression. In your world, You create it all!

Uranus may have instigated a curveball, breakthrough, insight or solution that redirected your focus in a way you couldn’t have predicted – and Venus Retrograde continues through Sept 3, allowing you to reconsider who/what you *really* value (and act accordingly), as you clear old debris from your heartspace, so you are more open, compassionate and available to those you want to share your love with.

Aug 22 – On the final day of Leo we have two aspects, and we will already be feeling the Station of Mercury Retrograde coming tomorrow (when it appears to stand still before changing direction). This makes it a high probability day for crossed wires, mixups, tech issues, etc. Be gentle and take it slow.

Venus square Jupiter – This is can be indulgence, a major purchase or generosity bestowed on another. Stay conscious. There’s a tendency with a square to go overboard, either b/c you’re feeling good, having fun or want to impress. Or you decide “I don’t care,” in the moment – and later, you care! It all depends on how you are naturally. If you are frugal, maybe it will help you loosen up – and if you’re a spender or giver, be mindful. It’s particularly tricky because following it is…

Mars opposite Neptune – Mars is in Virgo is left-brained and Neptune is nonlinear. In opposition, Neptune can create confusion, when Mars in Virgo needs order and details count, which can be incredibly stressful. Or Mars in Virgo can be critical and nitpicky, when Neptune is trying to chill, while trusting its own intuitive guidance. Not the day for accounting, data entry, fact finding, as Neptune can be dreamy and miss things.

Better to wait and choose creative, spiritual or leisure pursuits today. Your judgment may be off – and Neptune is very suggestible (easy to sell to), so if Venus-Jupiter is hooked on something you want or believe in, Mars-Neptune could be complicit in sealing the deal. A trusted second opinion or restraint will serve you well today.

Aug 23 – The Sun enters analytical Virgo, sign of health, wellness, service and your daily work and is ready to put things in order and see what needs attention. The fire victims in Maui will attract Virgo types who are the helpers, there to assist in every way possible, with the non-glamorous, hands-on work. Virgo separates what’s useful from what’s not useful and it’s a sign of doing. Nobody loves to help like Virgo.

Pay attention to the needs of your body, your health, diet, exercise and whatever else needs care in your world. Create daily rituals that are doable for you. Find the support you need your goals if you need it.

Mercury Retrograde (Aug 23 – Sept 15) – Mercury travels from 21º to 8º Virgo during its Retrograde period and you will be going back over territory covered since Aug 3rd, but not yet. First, Mercury is Stationing (standing still to change directions), and it can feel like nothing is happening or everything is excruciatingly slow. Go with it – allow yourself to downshift and give yourself twice as much time to do half as many things as you normally would. Get my free report (link above) for directions during Mercury Retrograde.

Guidance pre-Retrograde: back up your technology, service your car, check travel plans, double-check all reservations and dates during this period, just to be sure.

Allow the Retrograde time for review to be a sacred process. Clear clutter, release anything you don’t need and give it to someone who does. This is a beautiful way to connect with others. Before you let an item go, thank it for its service to you. Honor everything. It will have so much more meaning. 🙏🏼

Enjoy any relatively peaceful time you have, as the action will pick up again in the final week of August, when Uranus turns Retrograde. Take nothing for granted. Ever.

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together.

“The most powerful moments in music are sometimes the spaces between the notes.” ~ Sonia Choquette

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