Sun in Virgo / Mars in Saturn – August 2020

Enjoy the final day of Leo today, as we move into a whole new energy with practical Virgo tomorrow, Aug 22. Virgo is an analytical sign that rules health, service and wellness – it’s focused on details, helping and being productive. This is a perfect time to get organized, make your list and take actions. 

Virgo loves order – and here’s a tip: when you create order, it frees up your attention, allowing for greater creativity, mental relaxation and higher functioning. For that alone, it’s worth it to get organized. The clutter and chaos in your space is a mirror of your consciousness. For greater clarity, get organized, step by step. Mercury is in Virgo, too (it’s own sign) – and it is the best for handling details and sorting, with patience, deciding what’s useful and what’s not. 

Virgo rules health and wellness – and bolstering your immune system is the optimal method for Self-care, especially important during the pandemic. Are you treating your physical and emotional self well? What actions can you take or what education do you need to nurture your health and wellness? This is the perfect time to focus on upgrading your systems. 

Mars squares Saturn on Aug 24 – the first of three times (Sept 29, ’20 and Jan 12, ’21) these two strong-willed planets will meet over the next five months. Watch the story that unfolds from now through January 2021, and the conflict or hard work needed to move forward (Mars) and accomplish something lasting (Saturn). You may experience this personally – and we’ll see this play out in the world (notice the timing of the US Presidential election and all of the aspects of this fall season), but know this is an ongoing backdrop for months to come. 

Mars and Saturn are both in their domiciles (the signs they rule), making them especially potent. Mars wants what it wants NOW and Saturn says WAIT (boundaries, rules, limits), that are often experienced as obstacles when you’re busy trying to forge ahead. 

Mars in Aries is impulsive, fast, direct and competitive. Hitting a Saturn “stop sign” activates even more determination to push through, but it won’t work. Take my advice, for your sanity and as a pre-emptive stress reliever. The way to work with this potentially frustrating square is to take methodical actions in order to advance. Saturn is always a reality check, so look for what’s needed that is currently missing.

Progress is not the natural habitat of Mars in Aries – it makes things happen NOW! Progress implies “process,” which is not a Mars in Aries orientation (too slow), therefore, it requires strategy (Saturn) and regulation (more Saturn) in order to be effective. 

Use the Mars will and enthusiasm to prevent you from becoming discouraged or giving up – and to keep going! Keep your focus on your desired outcome when taking actions in order to stay motivated and in the game. Check the structures in your life and be willing to take actions to make any needed course corrections that will enable you to function more smoothly and effectively – and to reach your goals. You need support – and that is the structures in your life!

Aug 25, Mercury trines Uranus, activating innovative solutions, breakthroughs, visionary ideas and your genius, through which you may find a path forward, if you’ve hit a wall. Or maybe you suddenly channel a new interest or experience an awakening that opens new doors. No matter what, this instant creative burst of energy is uplifting and stimulating, going beyond your old familiar thinking. Oh boy!

Also, sweet Venus opposes expansive Jupiter, activating indulgence, abundance and a feel-good vibe. This activates love, generosity, pleasure and the desire to connect in a harmonious way. It can also create a no-limit experience re: your desires (Venus) by overdoing it – eating, spending, drinking, shopping, etc., by wanting more, more, more (Jupiter)! Watch your budget and your waistline – and if you want to spoil yourself or another, enjoy, as long as you don’t harm anyone in the process, including your Self.

On Aug 27, Venus trines Neptune, nurturing spiritual practices, mystical and creative pursuits, love relationships and compassion and empathy for the collective. This is the ultimate energy of the love strata of consciousness, where competition, cleverness, cruelty and selfishness have no place. This is Divine Love – unconditional, inclusive, reverent and infinite. Take that in for a minute and feel the energy of it. This is where we need to go to heal our weary hearts and our wounded planet. May this become the new normal going forward…

We have a tremendous opportunity now to get organized, so we can move forward with intention and  willingness to do the hard work and repair broken structures; with innovation to meet the moment with reverence and care. 

We are turning a corner and now we roll up our sleeves to make the needed changes. Yes we can!

As always, I’m so grateful for your presence on our path together. xo 



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