Sun in Taurus / Pluto Retrograde – April 2018

Lots of dynamic changes occurring this week in our universe, as we’re in the midst of an extraordinary ongoing cosmic reorganization. It helps to remember that you chose to be here during this disorienting time of shakeup and breakdown.

Your presence, empowerment and spirit is your contribution – and the work is to stay high and not buy into the fear that’s propagated via low vibration messages and victim consciousness. Rise above the fray and offer what you can to help others awaken to their power.

The Sun entered practical, grounded Taurus last night, bringing a primal desire for a sense of security, comfort and what you value. Nurture your physical Self and spirit with practical care, comfort and pleasure, even if it’s in small ways.

Chiron (the wound/Wounded Healer) is now in Aries, asking you to embody your will. You decide. Inflammatory attitudes and actions come from those who are looking for a fight or those who have suppressed/repressed anger and who may attract attacks. If you feel victimized, get support. Stay grounded and don’t take anything personally for best results. Fighting is a message that something is out of alignment. Find what that is and make the needed corrections.

On Tuesday, Pluto (power, control) turns Retrograde and when it’s standing still its magnetic force is amplified in major ways. Get ready for some kind of upheaval, either personally or collectively. Pluto rules all that’s hidden, so there will likely be some kind of bombshell or strike. Personally, it’s a time of letting go of anything shaky, complete or outdated as your inner structures are being upgraded.

Watch for what’s revealed this week, and remember that transformation is the death of the old and a rebirth of something higher and better.

Uranus (change) is preparing to leave fiery Aries and move into earthy Taurus next month, which will be unsettling if you are unable to flow with changes and live with uncertainty. Taurus likes calm and stability – it’s not a “living on the edge” sign, so I suggest you get ready for how to handle the unexpected or unknown now. The better you can surf with a non-reactive positive attitude and methodical actions, the better.

Mars (warrior) is inching up beside Pluto and they’ll be together from Wed – the end of the month (exact on Thurs 4/26). This dynamic duo indicates mega-power that is sometimes ruthless and always relentless. It doesn’t give up and will make things happen, one way or another.

Use this energy to accomplish difficult tasks that require extra mojo. Do not engage in power struggles or pick fights. Don’t do it! Bite your tongue.

Operate in integrity and use your energy for the Higher Good.

So there you have it. Engage in something meaningful this week and use this energy consciously to create something of value to you and/or others.

Don’t go through the week in hiding, as fear-based energy will make you miserable and attract unwanted experiences. Being inspired and proactive will carry you forward in a most productive way.

Namaste, friends. We’re on a mission…




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