Sun in Taurus – April 19, ’13

Taurus Tattoo

It’s a BIG week, energetically. Know that whatever comes, all is well. Decide in advance. Deliberately create your experience!

The Sun transitions from impulsive Aries into grounded Taurus today at 6pm ET, followed tomorrow by Mars (action/will), which slows down considerably when it leaves Aries for “no rush” Taurus.

We have the Sun, Mars and Venus in Taurus, inviting us into the land of comfort, pleasure and sensual indulgence.

If it tastes, smells or feels good – do it!

The body and the physical world calls to you (massage, flowers, tasty treats, nature), filling you with gentle “yin” energy.

Mercury (mind) and Uranus (higher mind, genius) are together in Aries through the weekend, initiating brilliant ideas and innovative communications that you can’t wait to share – right now!

Utilize the energy of unbridled enthusiasm and out-of-the-box thinking – channel your highest mind to create new pathways and solutions.

Take advantage of this electric energy

On Monday, S!aturn opposes Venus. If you find yourself questioning your value or feeling unappreciated, it’s the Universe mirroring back to you where you don’t value yourself.

Take responsibility for handling your judgments and for recognizing the treasure that you are :)). Yes, it’s YOUR job!

As Robert Holden once said, “No one can love you more than you love yourself — and get away with it for very long!”

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