Sun in Scorpio, Into The Deep – October 2021

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We open the week with a Mars-Pluto square on Oct 22 (today), that offers tremendous power when you utilize it deliberately to accomplish a goal or express your passion, but if you aren’t conscious, it can trigger wounds that cause you to react in aggressive, defensive or problematic ways. Stay awake. For best results, be proactive and direct the energy consciously to get something done rather than finding yourself in a power struggle or unwanted conflict. 

The Sun enters Scorpio on Oct 22 @ 9:51pm PDT, the sign of transformation. Scorpio deconstructs what is no longer viable (death) and then facilitates a rebirth or “cosmic upgrade.” The result is transcendence over stale non-working patterns, structures and relationships into more evolved methods of operating. Scorpio takes you into the deep water to connect with primal urges that you may not have been aware of – parts of yourself that have been hidden, even from you.

It takes courage to let go of the familiar and step into the void until the next step or way of being is revealed – and this is part of the process of transformation. Trust in the cycles of life, knowing that whatever is uncomfortable or dark has come up to be recognized and healed, released or integrated. 

Scorpio rules covert actions and strategies – for better or worse. It’s the detective and the criminal, the psychologist, the healer, doctor, the Medium and that which can’t be seen with the human eye. Scorpio wants the real story and that’s why it’s the sign of healing and breakthroughs.

Projection is a Scorpio domain, ruled by the unconscious, as what bothers you in others is material for you to explore within yourself. Don’t miss the opportunity to awaken and integrate unconscious beliefs when living in judgment of others, no matter how it’s disguised (i.e., caring, analysis, etc.). Take responsibility for what you’re disowning (and blaming others for) if you really want to change your life – and the world. Owning your shadow is high level work!

Power is another Scorpio issue, but those who are truly in their power have no need to dominate or control – they feel safe and secure knowing that they are operating in integrity, aligned with the Greater Good. Underneath every bully lies a fragile ego who secretly feels powerless.

On Oct 26 Venus squares Neptune (earthly love and Divine Love) – a beautiful energy for creativity, spiritual practices, being in nature, leisure, beauty/style, romance and healing. However, Neptune (planet of illusion) can lure you into a false ideal re: relationships or other fantasy projections that can raise you up high and then disillusion you when reality hits, so be mindful if you’re meeting someone new or engaging in an activity or project that involves commitment. 

Wait a day or two and see how you feel before making a decision, as you may be on Cloud 9 and not in your rational mind. Oh yeah – and be mindful of drugs, alcohol, shopping, spending and other addictive urges, as they are also ripe for an escape hatch at this time. 

Oct 28 is a beautiful day, with Venus sextile Jupiter. Venus is your heart’s desires and Jupiter is abundance, expansion and bounty. Love is in the air, along with blessings of all kinds. Jupiter brings opportunities and Venus rules connections and relationships, so reach out, have meetings, be social, ask for what you want, launch a project, or show your love and appreciation. Beautify! It’s all good – a joyful energy and an upbeat, warm and wonderful day – enjoy!

This is a relatively quiet week, but because we’re moving into Scorpio now there’s always something percolating under the surface. Pay attention to what comes up for you and what you feel inside. Be willing to explore your deeper feelings to see what gifts may be waiting for you there. ‘Tis the season. 

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo

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