Sun in Scorpio / Full Moon in Taurus – Oct 23, 2015

Full Moon Earth

We begin our final week in Oct with the Sun moving into deep, intense Scorpio today and transformation is the name of the game.

Scorpio rules everything that’s hidden, as well as issues around power and control. Hidden things can either be deliberate (secret/undercover) or disowned in the unconscious, and Scorpio is known for bringing up issues/info/experiences to be felt and processed.

When making decisions, ask yourself if you’re coming from love or fear. The belief in needing protection is a low vibration and a reaction to some earlier violation or indoctrination – and it attracts circumstances that will validate the need for protection (so you can be right)!

Love holds no fear – and yet, isn’t unaware. It’s a high vibration that can align disparate energies and melt hardness. Be responsible (smart) and loving, especially towards yourself. Do the right things and expect goodness. When something isn’t working make a new decision. That’s my formula for operating during this time (and always).

Pluto (ruler of Scorpio) is in harmony with Venus (ruler of Taurus) today and tomorrow, which speaks to major transactions, transformations and creations via Venus issues (love, $$, creativity, self worth). So powerful! What actions can you take to maximize this potential in your world?

Venus, Jupiter and Mars are together all week, and Venus & Jupiter (love, $$, opportunities, expansion) are exact on Sunday. Expect something or someone stellar to roll into your orbit during this time! Or create something extraordinary for a loved one or others.

Opportunities for love, gifts, blessings and abundance abound this weekend – and then all week. Mars (action) is in the mix, so be proactive and take actions toward asking for what you want and/or being open to receiving the gifts that are coming your way! You might want to stretch and make connections with others so that your opportunities increase.

Reminder: your beliefs and attitudes can either magnetize or repel what’s available, so take responsibility for your thoughts and attention. Debbie Downer can turn anything into a negative – or Fearful Frank can put up a shield to prevent the goodness from coming into his space. Get my drift?

We have a Full Moon in Taurus on Tuesday at 8:05am EDT, which is on the Scorpio/Taurus axis. Scorpio is other peoples’ $$, values, deep intimacy, power and transformation – and Taurus is earned income, your values and how you value your Self, what’s familiar, or resistance to change.

Where are you re: your values vs. other peoples’ values? Are you true to yourself – or do you allow others to direct your life/attitudes/opinions in order to fit in? It’s a BIG deal to know how YOU feel and operate accordingly.

What about power? When you feel powerless you need other people to provide things for you – and it’s a setup for abandoning yourself in order to be taken care of on some level. The way these things manifest can be obvious or very subtle, but it affects your life dramatically.

My definition of power is the ability to create what you want at will. Then you feel safe and engage with others by choice, not from need. It changes everything and this paradigm is worth pursuing, as everyone wins. If someone needs you to need them, they are limiting themselves in a caretaker role – and when you change, everyone close to you will have to change too :))

Be the leader in your life and make the most of this profound energy! Decide where you need to make course corrections and go for it!

P.S. We have MAJOR stretches of Moon Void of Course periods this week that can affect business and planning, so be aware when taking actions for maximum effectiveness.

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