Sun in Sagittarius / Quiet Thanksgiving – Nov 2020

Relative to all the chaos we’ve experienced in the last few months, this week feels less frenetic and gentler on the nervous system, as we move into Thanksgiving week. Mars (action) only moves 1º all week, which indicates little momentum for moving forward. We’re still in a collective holding pattern.

On Nov 21, Venus (values, worthiness, $$, relationships) moves into Scorpio, where it probes beneath the surface for the real story. This is powerful energy for transforming anything that’s operating at a lower level into its higher expression, whether it’s how you value your Self or what you are willing to accept (tolerate?) in relationships. Even spending is related to what you value and how you value your Self. 

I remember Suze Orman saying:”You spend more than, when you feel less than,” which speaks to buying to fill an inner emptiness. And it’s so interesting that this topic comes up as we approach Black Friday – the mega-sale day that kicks off the holiday shopping season. 

Do you overspend as a result of needing to look good or because you feel obligated to give a certain amount? How do you handle the many donation requests? This is a good time to reevaluate your priorities and make appropriate decisions. 

You can use Venus in Scorpio to focus on spending consciously, rather than trying to compensate for a lack of physical presence during this restrictive holiday season, for a disappointing year or for any other emotional reason. It’s up to you, but just notice how seductive advertising is, where it leads you and what is motivating you when you buy. 

Venus in Scorpio also rules passion, seduction, power and trust issues, which plays into all areas of life. Be aware of your patterns and know this is an opportunity to make changes where they are needed. Deep topics, but that’s Venus in Scorpio and the world of transformation.

Also on Nov 21, the Sun moves into expansive Sagittarius, sign of Higher Truth and the meaning of life! This is optimistic, big picture, can do energy that loves an adventure. Inspiration is soul food for this lively energy that is idealistic and rules social causes. This energy can give you the confidence to make a move where you were reluctant to before, so tap into the positive mojo for your own benefit! 

Mercury trines Neptune on Nov 23, highlighting a kinder, gentler vision of your world and humanity. Whereas Mercury in Scorpio wants the facts, dreamy Neptune rules the higher dimension of Oneness, compassion and imagination. In harmony, these two support intuition, creative pursuits, and spiritual communion, whether in prayer, meditation, via the arts or nature. It’s a beautiful experience of nonlinear connection, with profound possibilities for receiving nonverbal messages that offer clues and direction. 

On Nov 26 (Thanksgiving), the Sun trines Chiron (The Wounded Healer archetype), which portends a warm, connected, soothing time for you – and with those around you. Chiron rules healing, compassion and care at its best. Perfect for a holiday that’s based on gratitude – and I suggest you take stock of all your many blessings, especially at this time. 

This leads into Black Friday on Nov 27, when Venus will oppose unpredictable Uranus, so watch your spending – and maybe the stock market will flip flop. It’s a one-day aspect, so it feels more like a shopping trigger or a relationship issue. Don’t get a dramatic haircut, beauty or cosmetic procedure on this day or you may be sorry afterwards (what was I thinking?!).

Neptune is Stationing (standing still), preparing to turn Direct on Nov 28, which is coloring the energy all week as it radiates a soft vibration of Divine Love, compassion and connection to All That Is, as it calls your energy within to your inner world. Meditation is perfect for this – or music, contemplation, quiet, gentle space for relaxation and reflection. 

You don’t have to buy into the programming around the holidays. Choose how you want to celebrate and live your life accordingly, as this “time out” from the usual pace of life gives you the opportunity for a reset. Don’t just follow others. Feel what feels right for you – and then do that. It’s called Self-care and aligning with your Higher Self.  

On Nov 30, we have a Lunar Eclipse in Gemini – and three weeks after that, the Winter Solstice and the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius! We’re at the beginning of the end of this long journey that has been 2020, with the next adventures around the corner. Take good care and Happy Thanksgiving, U.S. friends.

As always, I’m grateful for your presence on our path together. xo

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