Sun in Sagittarius, Mercury Retro Alert – Nov 24, 2017

On Tuesday, the Sun entered the idealistic, expansive sign of Sagittarius, the Truth-teller. Be willing to explore new horizons, beyond the old familiar. Sagittarius rules Higher Truth and it’s the perfect time to wake up to anything that’s out of alignment for you. What do you need to get real or speak up about? Remember, YOU are your life partner!

Your current truth may be focusing on a new vision for your life, whether the details are clear yet or not. The Universe always supports your efforts to to live in truth (internally and externally) and to take actions toward your growth and evolution.

Sagittarius can give you the confidence to make a move when you’ve been afraid to or not ready before, so take advantage of this expansive energy that’s available!

Venus is in harmony with Chiron (the wound/Wounded Healer Archetype) through Tuesday, offering the opportunity for compassion, softening any hard places re: self-judgment, love, $$ or relationships. Take advantage of this beautiful energy of grace that can shine a light in shadowy places. You are worth it.

Sun-Thurs, Saturn is conjunct Mercury, providing fertile ground for detailed plans, projects, communications, agreements, as well as new structures, thought patterns and paradigms. This energy brings ideas into form, giving you extra attention to making something real. Saturn-Mercury is exact on Tuesday, so use the energy to create something practical.

Mercury is slowing down this week as it prepares to turn Retrograde on Dec 3, so back up your technology now and if you have to make a major purchase, do it asap. Buy gifts now if you haven’t already, because it will be more challenging during Mercury Retrograde (Dec 3-22) with tech issues, confusing info, miscommunication or mental distractions.

Use this week as a time to take practical actions that will serve your life, your self-love, your growth and your future.

Namaste friends. We’re on a mission…


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