Sun in Pisces / Pluto Return – February 2022

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We awaken to the lingering effects of yesterday’s Jupiter-Uranus sextile with a sense of possibility, openings or sparks of insight that can stimulate and free you if you’ve been stuck, stagnant or on auto-pilot. This duo will be in orb all week, so pay attention to the windows of opportunity that open for you and dare to do something different!

Venus and Mars conjoined on Feb 16 and will be in orb through March 19. This is passionate, romantic, creative energy in Capricorn (making it real). This week they sextile Neptune, a gorgeous energy for activating dreams, soulful relationships, creating and appreciating art, being of service,  connecting with others and deepening your spiritual practice.

The Sun enters mystical Pisces on Feb 18 and you can feel a distinct shift into the gentle sign of empathy, compassion and imagination that connects with the higher realms of Oneness. The Sun joins Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces (both Rulers of Pisces), which makes this energy extra prominent. 

Pisces wants to transcend the 3D world, it rules your Higher Self. It is otherworldly, ultra-sensitive and attuned to those who are less fortunate or who have less power (the underdog), always caring and wanting to help. It’s the last sign of the zodiac, a time of endings, good for releasing whatever you have outgrown or what no longer resonates with you. Gently and reverently let go to create space for the new. 

This is experiential energy that invites you to go within to find peace and to surround yourself with elements that nurture your Being. Pisces is “yin” energy, receptive with no boundaries, and it needs solitude to decompress from a harsh world that can feel overwhelming. Meditation, nature, pets, children, gentle movement, music, art, dance and being in or near the water are nourishing activities for Pisces.

The first US Pluto Return is Feb 22 (then July 11, Dec 28), as transiting Pluto conjoins the US Pluto @ 27º Capricorn. We’ve been in this energy for a few years as we’ve watched structures crumble and it continues, exposing hidden shadows for us to face and address. It’s an evolving process that is being created moment by moment, so we’re never sure what’s next or what’s true, and more is being revealed every day. I think we’re past being shocked, now we’re just numb to the drama. Remember that Pluto is death and rebirth, which means there will be emerging energies and a rebuild as the old unsustainable structures die off. Stay tuned. We are all in this together. 

On Feb 23, Mars (action) sextiles dreamy Neptune, affecting your way of operating. Wu Wei is a Taoist principle that indicates aligned actions that are spontaneous, organic and effortless, without pushing or striving. Being in flow, relaxing and following your inner guidance in harmony with your environment is a nonlinear approach to living, with flexibility and connection. No conflict. Fluid. This works for Mars-Neptune, but also for Pisces, who naturally moves this way. Try this way of life, rather than pushing, worrying or manipulating to get what you think you need.

Also on Feb 23, Mercury sextiles Chiron, creating fertile ground for healing via conversation, processing or getting new info that colors your perspective. Think: positive mental shift or forgiveness of Self or another, an amends or apology (giving or receiving). A great opportunity if something is weighing on your mind that you need to deal with.

Feb 24 brings Venus sextile Neptune, beauty, creativity, spiritual practices and romance. If you are in a relationship, it’s a beautiful time for a date night or showing special appreciation. If you are single and  you meet “the one,” take it slowly, as all this Neptune, Pisces and Venus/Mars energy can lead you into fantasyland, which is the best during the fun part – but when reality sets in later, you feel disillusioned. Enjoy and be mindful. Slower is better.

Finally, Mercury squares Uranus, which is the ADD combo, as info comes in fast and furious so it’s hard to keep up – or you feel wired from an overload of info. That is the lower experience of this duo. The higher expression of Mercury-Uranus is innovative thinking or problem solving in a radical new way. 

Trust that you can access your genius when faced with a dilemma; brainstorm and tune into your Higher Mind for alternative answers, viewpoints or choices, rather than doing the same old thing. You may be blindsided by unexpected info or a communication that shocks you, but center yourself and think out of the box in order to show up in your power. Mentally creative, visionary, curious and knowing that you are here to participate in this evolutionary game and you will come through it. You may even surprise yourself when you access your genius (Higher Mind). Yes you can!

Enjoy the Pisces energy, with Neptune and Jupiter, Venus and Mars, Jupiter and Uranus. So much creative energy to work with! The Pluto Return is a backdrop, but we’ve been in this for a long time. Focus on what you can do, what inspires you, lifts your spirit, connects you to others and serves your growth – and release that which is complete or impeding your progress. If it’s not helpful, why keep it? 

If it’s time to make decisions about your future, align with your truth and lean forward into the new, as you drop old limiting structures that are no longer useful. Look ahead. Be creative. Believe in your Self. We’re in a season of change and flow…

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo 

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