Sun in Pisces/Finale Mercury Retrograde – Feb 21, ’14

Pisces Fishes

The Sun is in soft, gentle Pisces conjunct Neptune (ruler of Pisces), making this an extremely right-brained, dreamy, sometimes foggy time of slowly moving through life, especially with Mercury Retrograde.

Also, Mars (action) and Saturn (work/authority) are standing still, preparing to turn Retrograde next weekend, so that slows the action down even more.

Beginning new projects now is not advised. Rather, working on things already in process is the aligned energy. Course corrections and revisions are perfect for your Cosmic To Do list!

The Moon’s North Node (which indicates the focus for the next 18 months), has moved from deep, intense Scorpio into harmonious, relationship-oriented Libra.

The task is to create balance between self-interest and cooperation with others – and to be authentic while doing it. I can’t think of a more worthwhile journey :))

As we’re in this compassionate Piscean energy of Oneness which can bring out the best in others via goodness and charity, our old reference points continue to dissolve.

Pisces and Neptune create change in nonlinear ways, so sometimes you feel like you don’t know what’s happening. This is being In The Hallway on steroids!

If you find yourself in this place, set your intention for what you want to create and then do your due diligence to get the information you need to take action (or not).

Don’t panic, awfulize the situation or go into fear. That will lower your vibration and make you more vulnerable to what you don’t want. Remind yourself of where you’re going and why you decided to in the first place!

The world is changing and information that’s being put forth can be misleading or buried beneath insignificant drama that the media uses to occupy your attention.

Please choose where you put your attention, deliberately. Don’t let life yank you around. You decide!

Final Week Mercury Retrograde!

Mercury Fallon

As you know, Mercury Retrograde is here through Feb 28 (next Friday). This still affects communication, data, and ground transportation, slowing things waaaay down, potentially creating miscommunications, snafus, technology issues, missed connections and misunderstandings.  Use this time to revise, rework, clear clutter and make corrections that will serve you going forward.  

Resistance to “what is” creates an energy drain and victim consciousness. If you ever feel like the world is against you, it’s showing you were you are against yourself! Go with the flow – and the flow will be course corrections, clearing, revisions, and making amends where necessary. The more ownership you take for your experience, the empowered you will be! 

Also, this is a good time to get your Perfect Timing Guide for the annual price of $111.00 for 12 months – and, as a bonus you will receive the 2014 Income Tax Report. Pay attention to the long Moon Void of Course periods this week. Don’t schedule important meetings, dates, tasks or launches during Moon Void of Course times. The Void Moon is good for leisure, spiritual connection, routine and creative activities, but not for targeted results. 

Knowing the Void Moon times and acting accordingly goes to your responsibility for creating what you want in life.   

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