Sun in Pisces – February 2024

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Feb 16 – The air element dominates the weekend, with five planets in objective Aquarius and the Moon in mental Gemini. Plus, Mercury squares Uranus today, bringing unexpected news, speedy communications, radical decisions, abrupt changes or a flash of brilliance that creates a breakthrough where you were stuck (a gift!). The frenetic pace of info may make your nervous system feel wired; grounding is helpful with all the electric energy flying around. Take a walk, stand in the grass, hug a tree.

Feb 16 – Venus in Aquarius seeks relationships on an aligned wavelength – authenticity, equality and friendship. It favors humanitarian causes, groups and communities with like-minded types, in which you are connected, yet independent. Find your tribe. Venus in Aquarius is intellectual, a little detached emotionally and needs space, so don’t be clingy. There are people who would rather have an online relationship with someone and never meet in person (no disappointment or messy human drama). Aquarius rules technology, so that and AI is part of this energy, too.

Feb 17 – Venus conjunct Pluto. These two meet for the first time in Aquarius and you have the opportunity to purge old non-working paradigms. Venus-Pluto can activate issues around love and power, love and $$, love and betrayal, control, jealousy and love triangles, but only if you have the patterns in your natal chart and you do the deep work. This is an intense combo, can be magnetic, when you attract (or are attracted to) someone who isn’t good for you, but they’re irresistible and you lose yourself.

Shamanic Pluto can awaken you to relationship issues that keep you from getting what you want and various protections and projections that keep your heart from opening fully. If you are ready, this is an opportunity to gain penetrating insights that can liberate you from victimhood, to create a profound breakthrough personally (Self-love, valuing your Self) or in relationship dynamics.

Another possible manifestation of Venus-Pluto in Aquarius is the Collective Feminine mobilizing for future growth and the Greater Good. Just as Mars-Pluto of Feb 14 can represent the Collective Masculine – this is a new era with new ideals and attitudes (Aquarius) – and we’re planting seeds (or we ARE the seeds) of awareness in the collective, but it is just the beginning…

Feb 18 – Sun in Pisces (8:13pm PST). The Sun enters sensitive Pisces following the Moon moving into nurturing Cancer, and there is a distinct shift from the observer perch to a more intuitive, emotional vibe. There are still four planets in Aquarius, but now we have three in Pisces, led by the Sun. Allow yourself to flow this week and let your Inner Guidance show you the way, as you move gently. Your inner experience will be rich, so create space for your spiritual practices for maximum Self-care and to be receptive to what’s coming through for you.

Feb 19 – Chiron (Wound/Master Healer) conjunct North Node of Destiny/Fate in Aries. This is a profound opening for next level awakening re: your evolving identity (who you are now), claiming your will, acting on it and building your life around it. You may receive new info about your purpose or have a new awareness of your significance – and if you think you already know, check your evolving Self. You and your life are never stagnant – there is no end point, so be open to incoming info re: the next leg of your journey.

Feb 22 – Venus conjunct Mars in Aquarius. We have the love and passion planets, but in the sign of Aquarius they march to their own drummer – they do it their way! Quirky, eccentric, exciting types may turn you on – whether for love or friendship (same thing for Aquarius). They want mental stimulation, but don’t count on long-term commitments if you have a good time. Stay in the moment and see what happens.

We’re all new at this game – and Pluto is in the neighborhood, which creates a heaviness that almost feels like a Trojan Horse or some hidden agenda we don’t know about. Venus could lure you in and then Pluto nabs you. On the world stage, the dramas have already begun, right on schedule.

Just watch… everything will unfold in Divine Timing. We are here for it. Don’t be distracted by the noise – pay attention to what’s real within you and what’s yours to do.

Focus on your mission and purpose. Remember, this is your soul’s contract – to be here now, as part of the transition team.

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together.

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