Sun in Leo / Venus Retrograde – July 2023

July 21 – We close Cancer season with Pluto opposing the Sun, squaring the Nodes of Fate, with the Cardinal Grand Square applying pressure on us like a Cosmic Alchemist to release karmic imprints and outdated structures. This opens us to higher frequencies that can assist us in clearing the dense energies that keep us locked in non-working patterns.

The Nodes have moved from Taurus/Scorpio to Aries/Libra, shifting the focus from a world of values and security to a world of individuation and Self-will. Who are you becoming and what do you want? Feel into it – and let this be a daily spiritual practice that evolves. A wonderful journaling practice or meditation. 

With the North Node in Aries, the focus is on who you are. Finding out who you are means listening to yourself. Feeling what your heart and soul wants, what that still small voice inside says. No fear, no guilt, no worry, no blame, no victimhood. All possibilities.

July 22 – The Sun enters Leo, its home sign, center of the solar system. Leo rules creativity and self-expression, romance, leadership or where you take center stage. Self-expression is vital to experiencing a feeling of wholeness, so find a way to express yourself that is enjoyable for you – and make time for play and to have fun! And treat yourself as the Leader of your universe, with the dignity and respect that you want to receive from others.

July 22 – Venus Retrograde in Leo until Sept 3. When Venus turns Retrograde, reconsider and review your values – it’s a second chance to reclaim your heart’s true desires. Venus rules how you value your Self, love, relationships, $$, abundance. There are behaviors you have adopted to be more lovable, to get approval, to feel acceptable, as well as coverups to hide what you think is unacceptable.

Money can represent power or powerlessness, can be used to cover up insecurities by appearing to be affluent (when you’re not), is a complete mystery to some, can entice some people to sell out and override their integrity. You may only be allowed to make so much $$ – never more than a certain amount (a set point). Hint: it’s not accidental. You may be a wonderful giver, but receiving is not allowed, for various reasons. These are all Venus issues – and they are in your astrology chart. These are quality of life issues.

Venus Retrograde is a period to check on your love relationship (if you are in one), and look at what needs attention. If you are single and looking – who are you looking for, who are you being and are you really available? All good inquiries.

You can check on your money – spending, savings, work. You know what needs attention. It’s all up to you to decide if you feel aligned with where you are. Do you want more, deserve more, but don’t know how to get it or what’s in the way? There is help for money issues, like everything else these days. Core wounds from childhood that can be healed, along with training to learn how to create what you want.

Venus in Leo speaks to feeling good about yourself and your path. This Retrograde journey is a time for course corrections, but first, get clear about where you are. Don’t jump into action yet. Venus Retrograde can bring back old lovers and friends, so don’t be surprised if people from your past show up – but also, don’t count on those relationships to last if you get back into them. Maybe, but be cautious.

This Venus Retrograde is at the apex of a Yod (Finger of God) – with Pluto sextile Neptune at the bottom two points. This means that this is not a typical Venus Retrograde. Venus in Leo is about the heart, relationships, $$, what you create and leadership, but with Neptune and Pluto in a Yod – this is about transcendence (Neptune) and transformation (Pluto). This is about aligning with higher dimensional energies to evolve you from earthly desires to a higher state of consciousness. 

July 22 – Mercury trine Chiron. The Master Healer is attuned to the Venus turnaround, focused on your thinking, processing, what you tell yourself and what you don’t express. A sacred time when you may receive messages (verbal or nonverbal) that offer you pivotal information for your growth and evolution. Listen.

July 23 – Chiron Retrograde. Chiron is Retrograde until Dec 26 in Aries (sign of North Node of Fate or Destiny). Just after Venus Retrograde. Slow down, rest, integrate what is happening. The mind thinks it knows, but there’s so much coming in at such a high level, it can’t be processed in the moment, so trust Divine Order and allow yourself to relax into going back over recent events.

July 23 – Mercury square Uranus. Consider this an overload of mental energy, ADD, too much incoming, unexpected communications or nervous system stress. Surprises, being caught off-guard, unpredictable events that affect your schedule.

July 27 – Mercury conjunct Venus Rx. A sweet connection between the planet of communication and Venus that can be reconnecting with an old friend, finding info you need, a comforting conversation, creative expression, positive connections – especially if you’ve connected before (a 2nd try with something?). It will be warm and helpful, most likely.

There is so much going on this week and some of it will be on levels you feel intuitively, but can’t pin down. Moving into the world of Venus and higher frequencies, the object is to connect with your innocence, not your brilliant mind. Knowing everything is not the prize you’re seeking. Love is the prize. Divine Love.

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together.

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Lisa E Zimmerman is an Intuitive Astrologer and Coach, and Creator of Awakened Life Retreats, helping seekers discover who they came here to be and how to create an evolving, empowered and meaningful life. It is a joyful, heartfelt journey. ❤️


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