Sun in Leo – July 24, 2020


This week should feel much better than last, as the Sun is now in its own sign of Leo the Lion, where it radiates warm, sunny, vibrant heart energy that wants to lead and play. After all the drama we’ve been through, it will serve you well to nurture your creative Self and lighten things up wherever you can. Playtime is good for your spirit, as is leadership, and you decide when to embody each role.

Mars (action/will), in its own sign of fiery Aries, enters its shadow tomorrow, marking the point that it will return to in late Oct – early Dec after going Retrograde on Sept 9. This means that you will be reviewing this territory again later, so pay attention to what comes up for you in the next few weeks. Where is the action in your life – what is beginning or ending? This will be a focal area for you going forward.

Over the weekend, several planets are moving into aspect with one another and they will be exact on Mon, July 27. Expansive Jupiter sextiles intuitive Neptune, creating space for reconciliation, compassion and healing. This is uplifting energy, in which the potential for manifesting the highest ideals feels really real and entirely doable. Possibilities with no limits! 

At the same time, Neptune squares Venus, activating a veil of dreamy illusion – or delusion, meaning you may see an ideal rather than what is actually there. The shadow side of life can be overlooked via a “spiritual bypass,” via selective vision – only seeing the positive aspects that are present. And very often, there’s something you’re missing that will come back to bite you later if you make a major decision during this energy.

Plus, we also have Mercury squaring Mars (for the 3rd time since May), which can bring up arguments, words as weapons, debates, conflicts or attacks – and with the Venus-Neptune background as a smokescreen, you may have no idea what is really real, again. Higher expressions of the energy may allow you to find a resolution for an issue that began in mid-May (1st Mercury square Mars) – or you may take a stand for something or someone. Watch your words and speak deliberately for best results.

Because both Venus and Mercury were Retrograde during the last few months, we are having several repeated aspects (Mercury square Mars, Venus square Neptune) that have kept us off-balance and have served to shift us mentally and emotionally. 

Now there is the potential for arriving at some new perspective or position, but don’t try to force yourself to be beyond where you actually are. Trust in Divine Timing and know that things will happen when they are meant to happen – externally, and for you personally. You will feel ready when you are activated – and you won’t have to push yourself (unless that’s your pattern and how you operate). If so, I wish you healing during this time!

On July 30, the next pair of aspects arrive, both with Mercury at the center of the action. Mercury is opposing big picture Jupiter, which can activate bright ideas, optimistic can-do energy, willingness to jump in and volunteer. Watch for overdoing it – because remember, you have to deliver what you so enthusiastically promise…

Mercury trines Neptune at the same time, which fuels creativity, spiritual practices and pursuits, intuition, beautiful energy for writing, speaking and communicating on all levels. Because Neptune and Jupiter are in harmony with each other, this softens the opposition between Jupiter and Mercury, leading to higher expressions of conversations, ideas and connections.

Stop needing to be right against (or in opposition to) others. Find what you have to share that’s positive or helpful and uplifting for others – and share it! Whether your actions are one-on-one, on social media or you speak to a group, personally or professionally, use your words, thoughts and ideas to empower others. This is leadership. Take a stand for love, connection, care, creativity or whatever comes from your heart.  

What an opportunity we have here this week! I love this Mercury energy that is here as a messenger. Decide what your message is – not what other people think. Yours. It’s there, even if you’re not aware of it – and you may have more than one. This is a good homework assignment… :)) 

Intellectual development (mental exercise) can bring out the best in you. Always try to find the most supportive expression of the energy for your path and purpose.

Enjoy your week in the sunny sign of Leo and I hope you find time to play, lead and be creative!

“Enlightenment is you undefined by fear.” ~ Emmanuel

As always, I’m so grateful for your presence on our path together. xo 

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