Sun in Leo Finale Week – Aug 16, 2019

A week from today the Sun moves from Leo into Virgo, and this final week has not only the Sun, but Venus, Mars and Mercury in Leo, too – a dynamic, creative stellium of four personal planets. All in Leo – wow! Express yourself. Play. Let your Light shine!

Mercury squares Uranus today, affecting your thoughts, communication and decisions. Your path forward. Mercury rules the mind, how you process and relay information – and squaring Uranus, creates the potential for sudden change, disruption, shocking info, lack of cooperation or reactivity. So tread lightly today and watch the global action. And if you suddenly change your mind, give yourself space before making a final decision.

The higher expression of Mercury-Uranus is genius, futuristic, innovative, out-of-the-box, brilliant ideas and solutions. If you harness and direct this energy, you can access mental creativity that is out of this world!

On Sun Aug 18, Mars goes from Self-centered Leo into service-oriented Virgo, with Venus and the Sun following later in the week. Mars in Virgo goes to order, organizing, making your to do list (and checking things off!), health, wellness and efficiency. Very grounded, systematic and detail-oriented. Just watch for being in overdrive, unable to stop because there’s more to do – or it has to be done “right” (two Virgo bugs).

From Aug 19 -22, Mercury is in a harmonious trine with abundant Jupiter, which can manifest in a variety of beneficial ways, all designed to expand your world. This is a stellar energy of optimism, positive thinking and making smart plans that can serve you well.

The Mercury-Jupiter trine is exact on Aug 21st – a gold star day! Make that call, reach out, launch the program, take the action or make the move to make connections or open new doors. Ask for what you want!

You may receive good news, and can do well if you communicate with others and look for opportunities (especially in business). This is also an excellent time to study a new subject, register for a class or program to further your development. Please take advantage of this benefic combo that will expand your world, when you are ready to leave your familiar comfort zone. The payoff will be awesome!

Also, on Aug 21 Venus moves from flamboyant Leo into humble Virgo, shifting the focus of your desires from “What about me?” to “How can I help?” Venus in Virgo is practical and actions count. Their love language is “acts of service” – so this is a good time to show your love by helping, being aware of others’ needs and paying attention to spending by being more conservative and discerning before whipping out your charge card on a passing whim. And know that the reward for being of service is a profound feeling that money can’t buy. It’s internal. And good karma :))

So yes, we’re still have the Sun in Leo, but Virgo energy is on the horizon and as each planet moves into Virgo, you’ll feel the shift in your attention and what is calling you forward. This life in a world that feels out of order is crying for your courage, care and participation as your Highest Light, whatever that means for you.

And if/when you get bogged down in personal issues, connect with your tribe, a helper, something Higher or a cause greater than you to get the help you need that brings you back into your power.

We need you to remember the Truth of who you are!
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