Sun in Gemini / Mercury Retrograde – May 22, 2015

The week opens with the Sun in curious, friendly Gemini, which would ordinarily lighten things up a bit. But today the Sun is opposed by Saturn (The Great Teacher), planet of structure, authority, work and responsibility. Saturn brings ideas into form.

If you hit something that seems to block your path, slow down and reassess your goals and/or your methods for moving forward. You don’t have to give up, just reconsider your strategies and see if adjustments are needed. After all, Mercury is still Retrograde, which is prime time for course corrections.

Saturday is good for enjoyment, leisure, creative pursuits and life should flow joyfully. Enjoy your holiday weekend!

On Monday Venus squares Uranus, which can activate an intense need for freedom/space in relationships or sudden changes in relationships, with $$, creative expression or your personal style. Later, Mars squares Neptune which can manifest as free-floating anxiety, a feeling of going in circles, or disillusionment.

These are all lower expressions of the energies, where you’re in reaction to the events of life. To be proactive, use your intuition to decide how and when to go forward and when to step back and be spacious.

If you have been out of alignment with your inner truth, you will feel the squares more than you will if you are truly nurturing your spirit. Wherever you feel oppressed, you have given your power away, so use the opportunity to make a course correction.

On Wed, Mercury conjunct Mars creates a setup for being verbally enthusiastic, pushy, or speaking before you think things through. This is great energy for sales, promotion, or passionate sharing of ideas.

If you open mouth and insert foot… be mindful of the other. Temper your enthusiasm with true connection and feeling for your listener. This planetary combo is good for persuasion if you are sensitive and connected.

Remember that during Mercury Retrograde, misinformation, confusion, misunderstandings and miscommunications are common. The aspects this week create a terrific setup for going into reaction by projecting onto others unwittingly.

My advice: give others the benefit of the doubt whenever possible, while being spacious and flexible. Everyone will benefit, especially you!

And don’t take impulsive actions. Act deliberately and thoughtfully, knowing that new information may come to light after Mercury goes Direct in mid-June. Although it’s inconvenient, put off major decisions and signing contracts whenever possible until after Mercury is flowing forward again.

Mercury Retrograde ~ May 18 – June 11, 2015

Mercury Rx Arrows

Mercury Retrograde is active through June 11th. Please get your free report (click on link above), so you know how to align with the energy and use it for your highest good.

 This is aligned with all the “Re” activities – regroup, revision, rework, redo, reorganize, etc.

It is a fabulous time to clear clutter and downsize. Ask yourself, “What is really useful and necessary?” There are so many clever ways to save and store keepsakes – explore beautiful storage systems to open up space and free your attention.

This is also prime time for finding lost items, reconnecting with old friends, loved ones or those you need to make amends to.

My favorite de-stressing suggestions:

  • Give yourself extra time and space to get things done (do half as many things in twice as much time)
  • See what you can eliminate from your To Do list and from your space/life
  • Use email to document and reference communications and info for the sake of clarity (avoiding the “I said/you said” conflicts)
  • Check the car for maintenance needs
  • Double-check travel arrangements, info, directions, etc.

Use this time well. It can be a gift unless you feel the need to charge through life at an overachieving pace, trying to push the energy forward. Easy does it. Life works much better when you align with the flow – and we’re in slower motion for the next four weeks.

We have major Moon Void of Course periods this week, which affects business and planning, so be aware when taking actions for maximum effectiveness.

This is a good time to get your Perfect Timing Guide for the annual price of $111.00 for 12 months.

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