Sun in Gemini – May 20, 2022

We’re in the wake of two Eclipses, in the Eclipse Period through May 30, and we’re mid-stream in Mercury Retrograde, which adds to the energetic kaleidoscope of daily life these days. With two planets changing signs this week we’ll be shifting gears – with opportunities for stimulation, discoveries, re-creating, realizations and planning, as long as you understand that we are still behind the clouds and can’t see clearly yet. So no permanent decisions or actions recommended at this time if you can help it. 

May 20 – As the Sun enters Gemini tonight, it wants to connect and socialize, but Mercury is backing into a conjunction with the Sun on May 21. This is the mid-point of the Mercury Retrograde cycle, when new info or ideas can appear and your mind is highly active, like a New Moon phase for Mercury. Take note of what comes through for you and write down anything compelling that you can pursue later if you still feel aligned. Think of any significant tidbits (literal or figurative) as “breadcrumbs” the Universe is dropping onto your path for you…

Mercury has been in its own sign of Gemini since late April – the chatty, curious, multi-tasker, who loves mental stimulation. On May 22, Mercury Retrogrades back into Taurus through mid-June, where it will slow, quiet down and say less, speaking only when it has something to say. Gemini likes activity, whereas Taurus craves peace and security, so use your mental focus to go within and review areas of your life that are calling for attention – revision, an upgrade or a let-go altogether. Think: comfort and $$.

Mars sextiles Pluto on May 22, supporting endeavors requiring tremendous drive, strength or power in order to achieve a goal. With Mars-Pluto, the guidance is to use your power for the Greater Good, rather than using it for fear-based or selfish motives. Stay high, especially when the power is with you – and make the most of this energy if you have a task that calls for focused actions and perseverance. This is like having the wind beneath your wings, an experience like no other, especially if you are in service to an ideal or cause. 

May 23 is a week of inspiration and flow, beginning with the Sun sextile abundant Jupiter. This initiates big visions, high ideals, confidence and “can do” energy. Be sure to keep it real, as Jupiter loves to say “Yes!” without thinking things through. Mercury sexiles Mars, fueling communications with clarity or   negotiations. This is Mercury Retrograde, so you may be revising an agreement or an earlier plan. 

Venus sextiles Saturn on May 24, indicating the willingness to work for something desired. Venus is love, your values, how you value your Self and Saturn is work and things that last. Venus-Saturn creates stability, security and vows. You get Self-esteem by doing esteemable things and by showing up for your Self, just as you would expect a loved one to show up for you. It’s really all the same thing. 

So what are you willing to work for in order to fulfill a vow to your Self? That’s how I would use Venus-Saturn. It goes to any of the following: $$, love, boundaries – or it can be about making your creativity your work. 

Also on May 24, Mars enters its own sign of fiery Aries and off it goes! Mars in Aries is the action sign, the most direct path from point A to point B. Mars joins expansive Jupiter in Aries and together, these two are hot to trot! They don’t meet up until May 29, but Mars is right behind Jupiter turning up the volume and ready to move go NOW! 

This would be fabulous, but we’re still in Mercury Retro, with Mercury in mellow Taurus who has taken a step back to review. On May 25, Mercury trines Pluto (for the 2nd time), so whatever you were dealing with on April 28 may be up again for a second look with fresh eyes. Mercury-Pluto sees through the superficial into the deep, where hidden truths are revealed or unconscious memories are accessed. 

Also, how might you be blocking yourself unconsciously with something (physical, emotional or a belief) that needs to be released? Mercury-Pluto would support the exploration of this question. If you feel stuck or lost, try journaling, contemplating or clearing clutter and seeing what you could let go of. 

So the go-go energy of Aries must be tempered with the Mercury Retrograde slowdown and undertow to avoid frustration or a feeling of victimhood. This requires discernment and deliberate decisions  regarding how you can use your drive and what to focus on doing. And by using the Aries energy to plan/create, while discharging energy from the body with physical activity that you enjoy. 

The task is to be consciously engaged in designing your path forward, in alignment with your intuition and the ever-changing playing field. Flexibility is ultra-helpful (a Gemini trait), so practice bending and shifting to avoid stress and contraction. Gemini is like a GPS – it changes course when needed; it doesn’t complain, no emotion, just data. Could be a spiritual practice for the week :))

Enjoy the twists and turns. As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo 

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