Sun in Capricorn / Full Moon in Cancer

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Welcome to Capricorn season! We follow last night’s Winter Solstice with a busy astrological week, as Retrograde Mercury changes signs and is very active, along with Venus and Mars before, during and after Christmas and the Full Moon. I will break it down…

Dec 22 – Mercury Retrograde cazimi (conjunct) the Sun. The midpoint of Mercury’s Retrograde journey and an opening for awareness, a realization, download, insight or understanding that allows you to make sense of something that may have eluded you. Go within and ask for an answer you seek. Listen, journal, allow and watch for signs that deliver a message to you. 

Dec 23 – Mercury in Sagittarius. After three weeks in serious Capricorn, Mercury backs into impulsive, high energy Sagittarius until Jan 13 and here, Mercury wants adventure, the truth and speaks without a filter – very stream of consciousness… This is perfect for big picture ideas, not for details, especially during Mercury Retrograde (another layer of potential snafus). Also, Sag rules travel – and during the holidays, this could imply mixups with the Retro energy, so be extra mindful and double-check schedules and plans. 

Dec 24 – Sun sextile Saturn. This is a stable energy that supports personal decisions about boundaries, discipline, habits, commitment (a vow to yourself), and goals for 2024. This is also good for focusing on last minute shopping, if necessary or just a productive day. Regarding being with friends and family, this can be a traditional gathering w/ elders, following family customs, enjoying their wisdom or stories about the good old days. 

Dec 25 – Venus trine Neptune. This soft, spiritual energy is perfect for Christmas Day, as Venus and Neptune in harmony creates Divine Love or the Christ consciousness – compassion, empathy and non-judgment, serving those who are less fortunate. It activates imagination, the beauty of All That Is, romance, singing, dancing, relaxing and Oneness. Enjoy this precious day with loved ones, friends or by being in service to those in need. There is always a place for everyone. 

Dec 26 – Full Moon in Cancer @ 4:33pm PDT. The Full Moon is when things come to light or it’s the culmination of what’s already in process. The Full Moon in sensitive, intuitive Cancer brings up issues of emotional security and professional achievement or your Inner Authority. 

Here are some pertinent questions:

* Are your personal / emotional needs being met? Do you know what your needs actually are?

* Are you standing in your Authority? Do you trust yourself or are you directed by others?

* Do you feel safe in your life? In the world? 

* Is your need for achievement being met in ways that feel honoring for you?

* Is your home life nurturing for you – or do you provide all the nurturing for others?

If anything is of alignment, then a course correction is called for. Be willing to take action to remedy any energetic drains or gaps in your personal and professional life – and if you don’t know what they are, get help to find out. This action alone can change your life dramatically! The goal is to restructure your life so you can create what you want and need while feeling honored, comfortable and whole.

Dec 26 – Chiron turns Direct. Chiron in Aries asks you to be your Self and to drop any forms of hiding via people-pleasing, withholding or clinging to old patterns of behavior that mask your truth for fear of rejection, abandonment or judgment. If you have to pretend in order to fit in, you are with the wrong people! When you have the courage to be yourself, you will magnetize the people who resonate with you into your orbit. The old crowd will probably be shocked or surprised and maybe push back a little. Be prepared, but stay the course. You can’t have a life that’s aligned with your soul’s purpose if you aren’t being honest with yourself and others – and YOU and your life are worth it!

Dec 27 – Retrograde Mercury square Neptune. When Mercury is traveling backwards, it’s more right-brained, more intuitive than linear, so this square forces you to tune in and feel what *feels* right when making decisions. Double-check data and know that like driving through fog, you can only see a what’s right in front of you; long-rang plans may be blurry now, so you are better off waiting. This is good for spiritual or creative activities, leisure or rest. 

Mercury square Neptune is powerful for visioning, dreaming, channeling and tapping into messages that appear in your consciousness – and resonate with you somewhere deep within. Anything that inspires you is meant for you, whether you know how it can happen or not. Hold onto that dream. It is a seed that will sprout in Divine Timing and Mercury-Neptune will be in aspect all week. Dream away… 

Dec 27 – Sun trine Jupiter. This amplifies your vitality, confidence and elevates your outlook – it’s the can-do energy of making things happen and the willingness to stretch into a challenge. Step out of your comfort zone and expand your horizons today! Reach out, make connections, visualize where you want to go and take an action. If you can see it, you can be it. Yes you can! 

Dec 27 – Mercury conjunct Mars. This can be a problem unless you are controlled, very well behaved or with people you know well, who you won’t offend. Mercury with Mars in Sagittarius is impulsive, outspoken and can come across as aggressive or attacking via its delivery (rapid fire and direct). Plus, with Mercury and Neptune in the mix, misunderstandings can easily be fuel for conflicts. This energy is combustible and easily triggered, tempers can potentially flare, so bite your tongue and easy does it later in the day. 

Dec 28 – Mars square Neptune. Mars wants to go forward and Neptune is diffuse, redirecting the energy so that you can only utilize it by going within and feeling how and when to move intuitively. The Taoist principle of Wu Wei implies actions that are spontaneous, natural and effortless, that arise when you are connected to yourself and your environment. Never pushing or forcing, but rather, flowing around obstacles. This is how to work with a Mars-Neptune square and it’s not our Western way of being direct, pushing ahead. Wu Wei and the Taoist tradition is much more holistic, respectful and gentle, which aligns with this aspect. 

This holiday week contains messages, insights and information for you to consider, sit with, feel into and make decisions about. Stay attuned to your Inner Self, to how you feel, to your world and how it supports you (or not). If you de-personalize the messages – everything is just information for you to make use of. 

Because Mercury is so active, there are important messages incoming (verbal and non-verbal). Pay attention to what is said and unsaid. Be mindful with your words and what you say. 

Love yourself, love your loved ones, love your friends, your furry friends, and the wonderful support people who help your life run smoothly. 

I wish you a warm and wonderful holiday. 

“Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts. “ ~ Albert Einstein

“Egocentric karmic conditioning has talked you into every dishonoring decision you’ve made.” ~ Cheri Huber

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together.

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