Sun in Cancer / Mercury on the Move – July 2022

As we traverse the final week of the Sun in Cancer, we’re still in the wake of the July 13 Full Moon that revealed hidden agendas, covert info and lifted veils that created a reality check on various levels, personal and collective, due to transformational Pluto’s presence near the Moon. And it’s not over, as messenger Mercury will be on the move through mid-week, connecting, gathering data, investigating, processing and speaking up, as it connects with one planet after the next. 

On July 16 the Sun and Mercury are conjunct, which supports meetings, sharing and seeking clarity via conversation – and don’t be afraid to ask questions if you don’t understand. In Cancer, the Sun and Mercury can be touchy and easily hurt, but they really crave emotional connection, so if you make that your goal and focus on getting needs met, you will be on the right track. This combo is very receptive to sharing as long as they feel safe, so don’t push.

On July 17 Mercury and the Sun trine dreamy Neptune, which is a soft, diffuse energy of nonlinear flow that allows you to turn off your mind for a day of retreat and restoration. Neptune loves a sensory spa – beautiful music or art that stirs your spirit, the beach, laying in the grass, a cool breeze, deep meditation, reverent prayer, precious babies (human and fur), communion with soul family. Whatever fills your heart with love and compassion. Creativity, nature, spiritual practices. 

Neptune resonates with Being. Exhale and feel yourself unwind. This energy is the antidote for the chaos that that stresses your mind and nervous system that you can access at any time. Consider this day a spiritual refill. for your well being.  

Also on July 17, Venus moves into tender Cancer, sign of home, family, food, emotional safety, needs and vulnerability. Safety is a major issue – and the root of many personal problems in society, as boundary violations in childhood create trust wounds that keep people separate and fearful of intimacy. As I said, we crave connection. Venus in Cancer loves family – of blood and of choice. Sweet and sentimental. A safe space is a beautiful gift and that’s the offer here. A perfect day to be with those you love and care about. 

On July 18 Pluto opposes mental Mercury and the investigation is on, as Mercury-Pluto is the detective, wanting to know what’s real, seeking hidden info and the truth (as in factual). Something will likely come to light, whether purposely hidden or a breakthrough that gives you a sense of empowerment. Maybe this new truth changes your conceptual framework, shaking up your world in a way that requires a major adjustment that you weren’t anticipating. Any of these can happen and however it goes, you can only build a stable life on what is real and true, so don’t resist. Embrace it all.

Mercury moves into Leo on July 19 and it has something to say, probably based on the experience it has had over the past few days. Stay tuned. Mercury in Leo is very creative, wants to express itself and be heard, so speak up – but be mindful of what you’re saying.

Also on July 19, Chiron (Wounded Healer/Spiritual Teacher) Stations to turn Retrograde through late Dec ’22. As it stops to change direction, it is extra powerful and it radiates energy available for healing and awakening. Depending on where you are in your journey, you will experience this either by becoming aware of what’s not working or if you’re already aware of your issues, this is an opportune time for connecting with healers, helpers, and teachers, being ready to integrate old identities and evolve. Ask for what you need. The goal is freedom – to become who you came here to be without living from the old programming. Forgiveness of Self and others figures prominently.

Later on July 19, the Sun opposes Pluto, activating a power play or you claiming your power. This can play out in the collective or personally, if Pluto is sitting on a planet of yours directly. If so, Pluto has been there for a while already, so you’re having a Pluto experience of transformation and are in the process of having a “cosmic makeover” already. 

This week is ripe for new ideas and receiving messages (verbal and non-verbal), that shape your thinking and plans as you consider the future. Uranus and the North Node of Destiny are aligned, creating changes that lead us in new directions for the Greater Good. 

Stay tuned, stay open, stay connected to your Inner Guidance, which is your North Star. Don’t allow outside noise to distract you from what is true for you. Simplify. Create space and down time.

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo 

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