Sun in Cancer / Mars Stationing Direct – June ’16

Mars Scorpio

The Sun is in sweet, sensitive, home-loving Cancer and you can feel the softer vibe already. Or maybe not, if it’s covered up by Mars, who is standing still (enhancing it’s strength and energy).

After a long Mars Retrograde period (since April 17), it is Stationing at 23º Scorpio preparing to turn Direct on June 29 and move forward. Our time of review and reorganization is almost over, but not yet…

Mars will be sitting at the same degree for the next 10 days, which activates the Martian qualities (high: courageous, daring, maverick, direct, action-oriented, or low: aggressive, angry, violent, looking for a fight).

You know my position – be proactive and use the Mars energy to take actions to move toward what you want. Don’t use your energy to be in fear or judgment of others, as if they are bad and you are the good one/victim.

Duality (good/bad, right/wrong) is so yesterday! Connection and community is the way, where what you do to another you do to yourself. It’s not new, but as a solution, Oneness is the way.

Do the next right thing. Be productive and put your energy where it will serve you, others and the Highest Good. You feel what that is for you; this is how you evolve and move forward.

Don’t be in a hurry and make sure you’re in alignment with your Higher Self every step of the way. You can’t violate your own integrity and get away with it; that’s why those who attack others ultimately suffer for it.

Currently, Neptune (dreams) is still squaring Saturn (reality) for the next few weeks and the best way to proceed through this energy is to be practical and responsible, while using your intuition to guide you forward. Are you sensing a theme here?? (Intuition, Higher Self)

The world is in turmoil, which I believe is going to continue and the higher purpose is to unravel old structures that need to come down. This is not easy to watch or experience, and now more than ever, your courage and conviction is called upon to live from love, compassion and innovation, finding ways to make life better.

Be willing to actively engage and awaken to the next leg of your journey with anticipation for a myriad of possibilities and new adventures. Handle practical elements and make necessary decisions as you move toward the vision of what you want to create. Keep the Greater Good in mind always.

We’re turning a corner, moving along through another portal and shapeshifting as we go.

Get ready… July is going to flow in a whole, new way.

****We still have MAJOR Moon Void of Course periods this week***, which can derail intended outcomes and productivity – and are optimal times to access your creativity, spiritual pursuits, routines or leisure activities. Be aware and pay attention.

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