Sun in Aquarius, Saturn sextile Neptune – Jan 25, 2019

Get ready for a week of movement, new possibilities and creative ideas. The Sun and Mercury are in futuristic Aquarius, here to forge a new path and move beyond the old, “how we’ve always done it” retread. Where are you going – do you know?

If you’re not clear about what’s calling you, you can start with what’s complete, redundant, stale or not working. What you need to leave behind can lead you forward…

We have the benefit of two super-positive aspects today w/go-getter Mars trine expansive Jupiter, and realistic Saturn with visionary Neptune. Take actions to manifest your dreams now, whether it’s by gathering data, making a plan, exploring, connecting or building. Don’t squander this gift!

The weekend has some emotional ups and downs, but nothing that has to derail you. You can use Sunday to prepare for the coming week if you feel anxious about your future or a need to work. Be proactive, make a list.

Mon, Jan 28 is another stellar day for making plans and taking actions to move forward. The Saturn-Neptune combo allows you to turn Higher Self visions and dreams into real world manifestations. And Mars is still in contact with Jupiter, high energy for going the extra mile. What a gift!

Chiron (Wound/Wounded Healer) is still at 29º Pisces, the very last degree of the entire 360º zodiac. The highest expression of Chiron is restoring yourself to wholeness, should you choose to purse your healing and evolution. Doing the work to integrate old baggage will set you free.

At the end of Pisces, Chiron feels the pain of separation from one another. Us/them. Pisces is Oneness, Divine Love, the energy of Being with compassion and empathy. Love yourself, love others. Harming others harms you. Feel that. And know that you are a part of All That Is.

This week is a week to move forward with clarity and grace, regardless of where you are on your path. Access info based on what’s available to you. Gather data to make informed decisions.

Trust your brilliant Mercury in Aquarius insights and open to new ideas and/or ways of operating. Allow Saturn (structure) and Neptune (flow) in their own signs (extra strength!) to support the unfolding of your path and your future. Reality in harmony with higher dimensions. Wow.

For your appreciation and understanding, these are all the planets that are operating in their own astrological signs right now, giving them (and you) extra power: Mars in Aries, Jupiter in Sagittarius, Saturn in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces. Four out of ten planets in their own signs is a big deal, especially because three of them will be there for a year or many more.

Enjoy this joyful week of creative possibilities and let your heart be your guide. There is abundant energy available toward making your desires real if you do the work. All planets are Direct, so align with that!

All is in Divine order. All is well. And your presence is important.

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