Sun enters Taurus – April 2021

We begin the week with the Sun still in speedy Aries and it shifts into earthy Taurus on April 19, so get ready for a slower, calmer pace after an action-packed weekend. With the Sun square Pluto today (April 16), issues around power, control and shadowy energies are front and center. You may be the activator or the reactor, but nevertheless, the atmosphere is potentially volatile. 

Move gently and think twice about your words and actions, as people are touchy and tempers can easily flare. This is a good day to tackle a task or project, something that requires significant effort that will make a difference for you. I suggest you use it for your benefit.

Later tonight, Mars trines Jupiter, generating enthusiasm and inspiration that allows you to make things happen and gain momentum. This carries through to the following day, with a trio of additional aspects that creates the impetus for breakthroughs, productivity and solutions.

On April 17 Mercury sextiles Jupiter and Mars, facilitating communications, info and learning that can expand your world. The mind, the big picture and your actions all working together is a real opportunity to activate or further a plan or project. You might be ready to make a deal and have to negotiate the terms of a contract, which is perfect with these aspects, but there’s one sticky thing…

At the same time, Mercury squares Pluto, indicating hidden info that you have to dig to uncover. This can indicate a disagreement with a partner – and you can also access unconscious beliefs if you do transformational work to shift your mindset. Nevertheless, be mindful of your thoughts and words, as they can instigate conflict, so hold your tongue unless you are prepared to face the consequences. 

The Mercury, Mars, Jupiter sextiles create a dynamic drive that can fuel productivity, with curiosity about what’s not aligned, so you can work through resistance successfully. Or at least get a new perspective that empowers you and supports future endeavors. Keep your mind open to allow for new wisdom, Self-expression (writing, teaching, speaking), deals or connections during this fertile time.

April 18 brings the Sun and Mercury together at the final degree of Aries, so be ready for one final hit of insight, info, communication or a bright idea that raises your vibration in this impulsive, dynamic sign. Or maybe you’ll just experience enjoyable sharing, if you’re not feeling inspired to create.

The Sun and Mercury both enter Taurus on April 19, with Mercury leading the way. Mercury rules the mind and Taurus is security-oriented, so focus on practical plans that lead to lasting structures and other means of support (physical and $$). Taurus moves slowly and deliberately (no acting on sudden impulses), so decisions will be made thoughtfully with an eye on the future. Tricky, with the future being so unpredictable these days, but Mercury in Taurus will use its best judgment with low risk.

The Sun in Taurus is like an exhale after Aries. Taurus rules what you value, how you value your Self, $$, security, the material world, comfort and pleasure. As a matter of fact, Taurus is the sign that really knows how to embody the lost art of feeling pleasure – and enjoying it for the sake of feeling good (the senses, the body, sensuality). 

Our culture is consumer-driven, all about acquisition and achievement. After one thing is achieved or acquired, the next goal is set. We need to focus more on enjoying what we have personally and around us (nature, music, food, pets, comfy furniture) and what we get once we acquire it. That’s a gift of Taurus, a feminine, receptive sign. When you practice receiving, you are allowing yourself to be fed energetically. A beautiful spiritual practice. 

Taurus loves what’s familiar and is resistant to change, so with Uranus in Taurus, it has upended our familiar world in many ways over the past few years. Seeking to stabilize during unpredictable times requires a strong connection to your body and the earth to stay healthy and well. Grounding, however you do it, is primary and this energy encourages it. Get outside, walk and connect to the earth from within – and take good care of your physical body. Also, this is a good time for $$ decisions and planning, as Taurus is a wealth sign.

I was watching Wahl Street on HBO Max last night, a series about actor Mark Wahlberg, the 9th of nine children from a low income family who is a mega-successful businessman. Mega! And although his Sun is in Gemini (multi-tasking), he has three planets in Taurus – Mercury, Venus and Saturn – planets of the mind, $$, work. When I watch a movie/show about a real person, I look up their astrology charts as I watch because I can feel the energies (and I love the confirmation!). 

So even if you don’t have the Sun in Taurus, if you have other significant planets in Taurus, this bodes well for you regarding security, if you master your money and comfort deliberately. Meaning YOU have to take charge of your life and not live on auto-pilot.

Venus and Uranus are conjoined on April 22, with your style, beauty, $$, creativity and relationships all up for review. What is calling for change in your life? This is a day when you may suddenly feel moved to do something different or shift in a way that allows you to experience more please, security, comfort or relaxation (that’s the Venus side). The Uranus side may want more excitement, stimulation, greater independence or authenticity, especially if you’ve been withholding and suppressing your truth.

Because the Venus-Uranus aspect is harmonious, it should be a joyful change or one that enhances you life and relationships. Be even more “You!” Venus loves collaboration and a win-win, so whether you’re more lively and entertaining or more authentic in your presentation and sharing, take advantage of this energy that can elevate your pleasure and well being.

That’s a lot of activity for the week – and there’s so much potential for unfolding development and growth. Enjoy. That’s your homework assignment :))

“Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask whether you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future.” ~ Deepak Chopra

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo

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