Sun Enters Pisces – Feb 17, 2017

This is the last day of Aquarius and tomorrow morning we awaken into the dreamy, diffuse energy of Pisces. It’s been relatively quiet this week, but the pace is about to pick up as we move toward the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces on Feb 26th.

The way to stay balanced is to have an intention that you’re focused on; a direction that you want to move towards or a course correction you are making. You know how if you spin around while standing, the way to keep your balance is to focus on a point in front of you as you turn? Same principle. Focusing on an intention to move toward will stabilize you. Resistance (fearing or avoiding something) will create pain and anxiety.

Pisces rules the the Higher Self, Oneness, intuition, imagination and going within. It is very soft, fluid, watery, emotional energy – and can create an “invisibility cloak” to take actions without detection.

Pisces dissolved old structures, so if you feel confused, lost or unclear, maybe you are unwinding old energies or identities that no longer serve you. Trust that the Universe is conspiring for your Good.

Lower expressions of Pisces are victimhood, sacrifice, suffering and powerlessness, which can activate depression, passive-aggressive behavior, rage and resentment if not handled.

The antidote? Getting your needs met. Finding out what you need when you are angry or upset changes everything. If you can discern your need in that moment – and then get it met, it will diffuse anger and bring you into your power. Powerlessness is the feeling that you can’t do anything about what’s happening.

And anger is relevant this week because Mars (action/will/anger) is squaring Pluto (power/transformation) on Wednesday – and this is a volatile energy. The highest use of it is to make things happen. It’s like a steamroller than won’t be stopped!

But be careful that your mission isn’t ego-driven – because a Mars-Pluto

square can easily ignore or rationalize ethics to get what it wants. It’s like a hungry wild animal that won’t be stopped.

Mars-Pluto can be you – or you may be on the receiving end of someone else playing the part of the Power. You can use this energy to focus on creating something of value, but check your motives for anything you do. And don’t be afraid of others. Buying into fear takes you out of your power and into a fear-based identity that can only create contraction and problems.

We still have expansive Jupiter opposing Uranus (change/rebellion), creating chaos as the “new normal” and making predictability a thing of the past. We never know what’s coming next. Being flexible and positive, focusing on your intention is the way to go in my world. Otherwise, you’re in reaction to current events or your mind, neither of which is helpful with questionable data.

Know that the Higher expression of Jupiter-Uranus is unexpected opportunities, so be on the lookout for them in your own world. Don’t miss what’s available to you because you’re focused on drama.

It is fascinating that Saturn (The Great Teacher) is in the sign of Sagittarius (Higher Truth, the Truthteller) – and we are in a time that’s rampant with “fake news.” Not that it hasn’t always been here, but never has the label been used to dismiss or validate info and we really don’t know what is real anymore. With the craziness of the 3D world these days, it’s easy to become addicted to chaos.

That’s why you can never go wrong when you’re aligned with your Higher Self. It is your true GPS. It will let you know where you belong and where you don’t. If you think you don’t know how to connect with your Higher Self, ask for support, because this is an invaluable connection that will bring you comfort, peace and direction. And everyone has the ability to do this. I promise.

Fear will tell you, ‘You need to make yourself safe.’  Love will tell you, ‘You already are.’  ~ Emmanuel

Namaste, Pioneers.

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