SLD Summer 19

Lisa E Zimmerman | Soul Level Solutions presents…

Soul Level Direction for 2019-2020

the update…

This is prime time for unwinding, shifting and making decisions for the current year (and next), as the energy supports your efforts to build new, upgraded structures for your life that align with your evolving Self.

Cosmic events affected the flow this summer, with Mercury Retrograde and two Eclipses – Sacred Turning Points, designed to shake up the status quo.  So how is this affecting you? And then… what can you do to make the most of the changes?

The path to empowerment is to have an idea of where you are, where you want to go, and what to focus on next. If something is called for, it’s time to take action and begin. Even baby steps…

There are ALWAYS opportunities, but you need clarity in order to engage with confidence to maximize the potential that’s available for you. When you encounter stuck points (pre-birth) or unexpected changes, you especially need support.

Having clarity and understanding your mission will help you to focus and feel empowered with a sense of peace. Stress is a fear-based reality that lowers your vibration and disempowers you.

The object is to align your goals, desires and the call of your spirit with inspiration that energizes you!


the question…

What IS your Soul’s direction for 2019 and beyond…?


Are you in a stabilizing mode, a building mode, letting go or are you “in process,” creating something new?

Fortunately, I can look at your astrological chart and when I hear the details of your current experience, I will know where your focus needs to be in order for you to move forward.

And I’m especially eager to look at your Progressions and Solar Arc Directions, which indicate the unfolding of your soul’s evolution and what you’re READY for. It’s so helpful and important to know! And you will feel it, too…

I LOVE helping you get clear — and offering the profound relief through an expanded perspective (big picture), regarding what’s happening now and where you’re meant to be going next!



If you’re ready to clear about your NEXT STEPS, for a limited time I am offering a special:



for 2019 and beyond into 2020…


This includes:

• A 90-minute astrology reading to discover what’s happening for you now — and your next steps for 2019 and 2020

• Guidance re: obstacles and how to handle them so they don’t block you

• The area of life in which Saturn and Pluto are calling you to let go, take action to rebuild and awaken

• If the Eclipses will touch you personally – and where

• Your astrological chart & a digital recording of your session


 Get the care and direction you need for clarity and support!



by Lisa E. Zimmerman | Intuitive Astrologer & Transformational Coach


Soul Level Direction Session

for 2019 and beyond into 2020…  


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