Summer Solstice/Lunar Eclipse – June ’10

And the beat goes on… but the rhythm is changing. It’s a new day. Are you adjusting to the ongoing shift that’s occurring within you? You can’t claim a new normal yet, because you are still very much “in process” and there’s another round of activity about to begin.

The Summer Solstice is June 21st, when the Sun moves into the sensitive, emotional  sign of Cancer which will be part of a Grand Cross. The Sun squares the high-octane duo of Jupiter/Uranus, it also squares the great teacher, Saturn, and opposes powerful Pluto.

Cancer brings up issues of security, your emotional needs and quality of life issues, and with this Grand Cross whatever is out of alignment will be up for review and restructuring.

Do you have a vision for the life that you want to create or do you accept the life you’re living because you believe in your current limitations? I can’t tell you how major this question is because you will get what you believe is possible!

It is imperative that you have a vision of what you want to create and that may be changing, too, so when did you last update your vision?  Just asking you to check in with yourself – yesterday’s vision may no longer apply!

This is a time of exponential growth in which you’re being asked to BE and DO things in radically different ways than you ever have before, which will manifest new outcomes. Methods of operation and strengths that you’ve relied on in the past may even become obstacles for you now because they represent the old way, which can only create more of the same and the world is rapidly changing!

Recognize that you are a pioneer in a new frontier, in which innovation and courage are called for and will be met with grace. Long ago you agreed to participate in this grand creation and to contribute your gifts to the collective. This is it – the time to step into a higher expression of your Self, come out of hiding and be willing to be BIG!

During this time watch for over-reactions, impulsiveness, feelings of restlessness and frustration as well as issues around ego and power which can arise when old, unconscious patterns appear that need clearing or integration. Stay conscious and remember, if you are triggered you can choose NOT to react. Go within and discover which part of yourself needs attention and get help from a trusted adviser if you need it.

Discomfort or frustration is a message that something is out of balance and the antidote is to get that need met. When you find yourself triggered, stop and ask yourself, “What do I need right now?”  If you can discern what you need in that moment – and then can get that need met – that is the antidote for anger/distress. Also, the world is your mirror so if you have a painful experience, look for what aspect of yourself is being shown to you and know that course corrections can happen quickly and easily with the appropriate tools (what great news!).

On Saturday, June 26th at 7:30am ET we have a Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn, which is about endings and we are already in the energy. I will write more about it later this week, but know that emotions may run high and unexpected events can occur this week related to the Eclipse, so easy does it. Don’t push, don’t rush. If something wants to leave your life, let it go!

The Lunar Eclipse is the Universe helping you to release that which is complete, outdated or just not working for you! Trying to hold on to what needs to go creates tremendous anxiety and stress. Go with the flow, ride the waves, tune in to your inner voice and feelings for guidance. Your Higher Self (the loving guide within) is your true GPS that will never steer you wrong!

“Suspend disbelief. If you must doubt something, doubt your limits.” ~ Price Pritchett

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