Summer Solstice / Solar Eclipse in Cancer – June 20/21, 2020

We have a myriad of cosmic events occurring simultaneously, and it’s impossible to predict what the effects or outcome will be. But the atmosphere is highly charged and we can expect more dramatic, unpredictable events to unfold in the coming weeks. 

I will break it down for you:

June 18 – Mercury Retrograde in Cancer thru July 12 (get your free report here)

June 20 – Summer Solstice @ 2:44 PDT (See Summer Solstice from Stonehenge online here)

June 21 – Solar Eclipse in Cancer @ 11:41 PDT / June 22 – Solar Eclipse @ 2:41 EDT

June 22 – Neptune Retrograde thru Nov 28

June 24 – Venus Direct

While these new events unfold, we still have Saturn (structure), Pluto (power), and Jupiter (expansion) Retrograde, pulling us back to review and rebuild old non-working creations. And today is Juneteenth, the day in 1865 when the last black slaves learned of the Emancipation Proclamation, which is new info to most white people who were never taught about this. It’s a perfect time to bring our collective shadow to Light! 

Everything that’s not working is in our face now – whether personal or global – inviting us to find new solutions and/or to create new structures to serve us going forward. That is ultimately where we’re headed, and we’re in the process of the breakdown to rework and rebuild. We’re mostly in the breakdown and unwinding phase, which we experience as new awareness, as you can’t fix what you don’t (won’t?) acknowledge. 

With Mercury Retrograde double-check all info, schedules, details and avoid major purchases unless you can return them. And be mindful with communications, especially when you’re stressed, which can easily get you into trouble. Give yourself extra time and space to navigate.

The Summer Solstice is on June 20 – and the summer season begins as the Sun enters Cancer. Later that night, we have a Solar Eclipse at 0º Cancer that sits beside the North Node of Destiny. This is major! A Solar Eclipse is always a massive New Beginning, but with the N. Node, it portends a direction that is for the Greater Good of humanity – and oh, we so need it!

Focus on Self-care, care for others and how you want to live. If you have a planet or angle connecting with the Eclipse, this is significant for you personally. Remember that Eclipses can bring things in or take them out, suddenly. Bam! Whether opportunities or endings, go with them and don’t resist – the Universe is leading you somewhere new.

Mars is squaring the Solar Eclipse, which indicates aggression, attacks, anger, strikes. And with Mars in Pisces, it may be passive-aggressive or suppressed anger that suddenly explodes when pushed over the edge, so be careful. Be mindful of your words and actions. These are turbulent times when nerves are frayed and egos feel more fragile. To use this energy, focus on what you want to create and take action towards that.

Saturn is aspecting the Solar Eclipse, which requires some extra work or responsibility. The good news? When you do the work, you get the reward by creating something lasting – and self-esteem. DIY is Saturn’s middle name :))

Neptune is currently Stationing (standing still, preparing to Retrograde), which empowers its broadcast and casts a veil of illusion, creating idealized perceptions (seeing only what you want to see) or feeding misconceptions and misinformation (with Mercury Retrograde to assist). 

Neptune rules denial, escapism and addictions, so if the Covid shutdown and social unrest has overwhelmed you, it may be tempting to check out. I suggest you choose healthy forms of Self-care rather than harmful forms of self-medication that you will pay for later. Be good to yourself.

On June 24 Venus turns Direct, opening to your revised way of valuing your Self and others, as well as how you handle money and express your creativity, if you have done your work during the Retrograde period. 

Recent events have activated a review of what you hold dear, as things you’ve taken for granted may feel threatened now. What you value is a Venus issue, and it’s an act of Self-love to build your life around what you truly value, rather than what looks good to others – or what you think you should.

The events of this week all speak to new awakening and a check-in with yourself. What is important to you now – and how can you create your life as a reflection of your values and what you treasure? With so much stripped away in your external life (Covid shutdown), it does draw you in to focus on your inner life.

I’m not saying you should have the answers. I don’t think this is the time to create forward in the external world, as there is too much Retrograde energy. It’s more reconfiguring energy – and with Mercury Retrograde, there’s info to be gathered and more will be revealed. A time of growth and possibly shapeshifting… a positive expression of Mars (action) and Neptune (dreams).

Tune into your heart and your Higher Self for guidance – or follow your gut instinct if that’s how you receive direction. But I urge you to trust your intuition (a Neptune-ruled domain) if you need to make a decision. Otherwise, use this time to vision and feel into how you want to live – not what you think is possible.

We’re living in amazing times when the impossible can become possible. All the outer confusion and chaos invites you to go within for peace and connection – and to remember that you have a purpose for being here now.

As always, I’m sending you love and heartfelt gratitude for your presence on our journey together. xo 

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