Summer Solstice / Neptune Retrograde – June 21, 2019

We awaken to the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere as the Sun moves into sensitive Cancer. After last week’s intensity, the shift is palpable as we encounter the softer Cardinal energy, which invites you to initiate/start something meaningful for you. Think of this time as a New Beginning or an awakening.

This Summer Solstice is colored by Neptune turning Retrograde today, which increases its energy. This is not the time to push, but rather to feel your way forward. Neptune is flowy and has a rhythm all of its own. This is energy that dissolves old structures and beckons you into your right brain, creative, spiritual energy and Higher Self.

Neptune (dreams) is square Jupiter (expansion) through mid-week and it can have various effects. It promotes idealism, grand possibilities, big dreams, compassion and social causes for the Greater Good – and in a square it can delude you into fantasyland, escapism or overdoing it, with fantastic ideas that are impractical or unrealistic.

So be mindful, but not afraid. You must learn to discern between a stretch that’s beneficial or going down a rabbit hole. How do you tell the difference? Your intuition is your guide. A knowing. The more you practice connecting with and trusting your Inner Voice, the better. And when in doubt, practice the 24-hour rule (wait).

On June 23/24 Venus opposes Jupiter in a T-square with Neptune. This can be really fun – and/or pricey. Venus rules money, pleasure, desires and love and Jupiter magnifies everything. More, more, more! The Neptune square can take your logical, linear mind offline.

So… this can be highly romantic, spending $$ you don’t really have, going overboard with a desire or indulgence. I say, enjoy the feel-good energy, but don’t take any impulsive actions that have major repercussions, especially that are permanent. If you want to try something and can change your mind later, ok.

This soft, dreamy, indulgent energy can be used to spoil yourself (which I think is healthy within limits) – and it can be used to vision the next leg of your journey through the end of the year.

The South Node (past) is on Saturn all week, inviting you to check to recognize which old structures are no longer serving you. Do you make everything hard – or have you outgrown the way you’ve been operating?

This is an important assessment. You may know that the old ways are so not working anymore, but may not know what to do or where to go next. That’s an awareness. Start with what you know and explore from there. Exploration is an action!

Innovative ideas/solutions are on the menu on June 27 when Uranus is in harmony with the Sun – a great day for creating and movement. Use it well…

Also, the Eclipses are coming (Solar Eclipse July 2 and Lunar Eclipse July 16), as well as Mercury Retrograde July 7, so take care of business now if you want to start something new. I know it’s summertime, but pay attention to the current cycles so you can make good use of the energy.

Take good care of yourself (North Node in Cancer) and know that you are here on purpose to Light up the world!

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