Summer Solstice / Mercury Direct (and more!) – June 2021

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The planets each have their own orbit and when the effects of their movement overlaps, on top of a Sacred Turning Point (The Summer Solstice), we experience a nonlinear swirl of energies that call you within, urge you to stretch, begin, suspend, and spiral around to go over again. 

It’s a BIG week with one dynamic shift after another – the exit portal that delivers us from the Eclipses, with Jupiter and Neptune Stationing Retrograde and Mercury turning Direct, leading to a Capricorn Full Moon on June 24. Wow! 

On June 20 we have idealistic Jupiter in Pisces Stationing (standing still, preparing to turn) Retrograde, enhancing its power and reach, sending benevolent beams to the Sun in ultra-sensitive Cancer on the Summer Solstice and in the weeks ahead. Watch for blessings, opportunities and expansion as Jupiter radiates harmony with the Sun. What a gift! 

The optimism of expansive Jupiter can inspire you to move beyond your usual cautious egoistic boundaries to honor your highest ideals and visions. This, in harmony with practical actions and mindfulness, is a winning combination for progress – and as it Retrogrades, you’ll have the opportunity to review, revise and integrate all that you’ve developed since Sept 2020. 

The Solstice (June 20) begins the Summer season and is a Sacred Turning Point, as we honor the Light and the days grow shorter from here on. The Sun in Cancer rules your needs, feelings, security, family (of origin or choice), emotional connections, nurturing and your needs. This is the perfect time to focus on what your needs are and getting them met, especially around connection, after a challenging year of isolation. This is when I advise clients to consider: “What about me? Does this work for me?”

Mercury goes Direct on June 22, as info and communications may be in limbo during this turnaround and reorientation. Don’t expect life to move smoothly this week. Allow space for this swirl of flow and rewind, like waves coming and going, and even the standstill at the turning point. I suggest you watch the show, decide in advance to be flexible, and pay attention to what shows up. Things may not be as you thought they were with more info… stay tuned!

The Sun trines Jupiter on June 23, creating an upbeat, positive vibe that can enhance your confidence and give you the needed boost to step into greater possibilities – or even see opportunities that you hadn’t noticed or thought of before. This is good for alignment, bonding and connecting, but remember, Mercury is not fully online and all the info may not be available yet so wait to sign contracts or make binding agreements until next week if possible.

Venus opposes Pluto later on June 23, which can bring up issues around power and $$, love and trust. Pluto can be dominant or covert, but it will seek to be in control, so watch for relationship dramas and issues around desires, spending or betrayal – and don’t pick a fight. Seek compromise or healing if there’s an issue you want to handle. A breakthrough is always possible if you’re willing to go deep, get real and face your shadow. Or you can take a time out and go to your respective corners to cool off :))

The Full Moon in Capricorn is on June 24 @ 11:40am PDT. The Cancer/Capricorn axis highlights your personal life and needs vs. your professional life and achievements. Notice what comes to Light on a Full Moon – and be mindful of the heightened emotional energy all week, leading up to the Full Moon. Easy does it… Capricorn rules structures, goals, methodical actions and planning, so take stock of where you are and what needs attention going forward. 

Jupiter sextiles the Full Moon, providing a boost of optimism, confidence and connections re: attitudes, actions and your outlook, highlighting big picture possibilities. Venus still opposes Pluto, which can activate desires, passion, drama, power plays or awaken to dysfunctional uses of power (giving it away or using it to control others).    

We still have Saturn-Uranus running in the background, with the push-pull struggle for dominance ping-ponging from one side to the other, depending on the day or moment. Don’t get sucked into this. Be as objective as possible in witnessing the power games from an aerial view. Stay in your center and remember your purpose for being here on earth at this time. Hold the Light. 

Neptune (dreams) is Stationing all week to turn Retrograde on June 25, radiating diffuse energy that can cloud your judgment, lower your vitality and that is calling your attention inward. This is a perfect week for appreciating where you are and assessing what’s important to you now. Your spirit is guiding you every step of the way. 

I promise you, you have changed over the last 16 months during the pandemic shutdown – and even if you don’t recognize it yet, trying to reclaim your old life is not the purpose of this major breakdown and shakeup. 

Moving slowly will serve you better than pushing through to make things happen. Trust your inner guidance and intuition, and use this week to connect with your Self, with others and to discover what’s new and available in the world – and what wants to emerge from within YOU! Exciting times…

The ego wants security and comfort – the soul came to evolve, stretch and grow! 

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo


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