Spring Forward in Pisces – March 2023

We open the week with four planets in sensitive Pisces, the energy of Higher Consciousness, intuition, compassion, imagination – or confusion, victimhood, escapism, addiction. Saturn just entered Pisces for three years and we’re acclimating to the new *training* of bringing dreams, visions and ideas into form in flowy Pisces – much softer and gentler than Saturn in Aquarius or Capricorn (its prior signs). 

Saturn in Pisces presents us with a learning curve re: how to embrace discipline and create lasting structures in this nonlinear, multi-dimensional energy (everything, everywhere all at once!). Pisces calls your attention within so you can attune to your Inner Guidance, which requires stillness to feel and faith to trust the intuitive messages you receive. This is the new way forward as we face more endings and new beginnings. 

Reminder: Daylight Savings Time arrives Sun, March 12 @ 2am in the U.S. – clocks *spring* forward one hour. 

March 11 – Venus sextile Mars, bringing a lively day, activating creativity, romance, socializing and upbeat activity. Fulfilling, playful, joy! Allow your heart and senses to be fulfilled, in ways that are nurturing for you. 

Next, Mercury sextiles Uranus, instigating brilliant, out-of-the-box ideas and communications that can lead to innovative solutions, creations and connections. Stimulating, exciting ideas accessed from your Higher Mind can forge new paths and reveal evolving aspects of your own genius. Think beyond the familiar and take a walk on the wild side…  

Also, Jupiter conjoins Chiron through March 13. Jupiter rules beliefs and Chiron is the Master Healer, giving you the opportunity to reconsider and release old beliefs that limit your life (Conditioned Self) so you can expand and live from your Higher Truth. Your Authentic Self empowers you to create the life you desire, in integrity with your soul’s path and purpose. Jupiter-Chiron can be a new beginning if you commit to honestly examine how your beliefs hold you back and make the needed changes.

March 14 – Mars square Neptune. The next three days are highly Neptunian – flowy, nonlinear, maybe confusing or slower than you want. For best results, I suggest you take extra time to do less. Space is your friend; pushing/rushing won’t help or serve you. Wu Wei means effortless action, without struggle – flowing around obstacles. This is how to work with Mars (action) square nonlinear Neptune (Being). Intuitive actions will guide you forward aligned with Divine Timing, rather than your schedule (your ego may cry, “No!”).

March 15 – Sun conjunct Neptune. Another day to go within to access your Higher Self, intuition, creativity, imagination, dreams or blissful silence. Meditation, nature, a salt bath, quiet time in flow or spiritual practices are nourishing. Notice what appears or arises when you allow yourself this space of grace. Focusing on your dreams and visions is powerful, as your soul speaks to you via these sacred messages. If you dream it, it’s meant for you, or else it wouldn’t be in your consciousness. P.S. Watch for self-sacrifice, boundary invasions and people who drain your energy (hint: Just say “No.”).

March 16 – This is a multi-aspect day, with one planet changing signs – a mixmaster of layered energies. I’ll break them down…

Mercury sextile Neptune. The mind is offline for linear endeavor (taxes, important details), but dialed in for spiritual practices, creative writing and artistic endeavors, channeling, intuitive pursuits and selfless service. This is dreamy mental energy, through which poetic words or comfort can be shared. Write, journal, connect with those who can *hear* you.  

Sun square Mars. This is a trigger for frustration, anger or hurtful words (Mars in chatty Gemini) – and it’s important to clarify intentions, as Neptunian energy is vague and can easily be misconstrued when your mind is in the higher dimensions with communications. Direct this energy toward doing something you love,  from a higher plane, in flow; don’t take the bait and go down a rabbit hole of misery over a resentment. 

Venus square Pluto. This addresses issues around power, love and money, as the magnetic pull is intense to protect who you love and what you desire. Control issues, manipulation and feelings of betrayal are possible, With Venus in Self-directed Aries, feeling powerless can instigate a decision to rectify a limiting relationship or circumstance in order to create something more honoring and sustainable. This can initiate a conflict, a power play or reveal a hidden agenda if you’ve been in denial (Neptune-land :)). A reality check that is good to know, but not always easy to take. 

With Mars-Pluto both at 29º, this can be the end of a relationship dynamic or a pattern of behavior that needs to go. Think about that relative to issues around control, relationships, $$ and power, What are you ready to transform into something cleaner, higher and more aligned for you? 

Venus in Taurus. Venus enters her home sign of Taurus from March 16 – April 11, as the pleasure-loving planet can relax and indulge now, as it connects happily with Neptune planets. Venus in Taurus likes things slow, steady, luxurious, tactile and warm – love, loyalty, and gifts (giving and receiving). Learn to truly enjoy pleasure by being fully in the moment, whether via nature, touch, the sweet fragrance of flowers, baked goods, soft fabrics or a warm bath with essential oils. Venus is Taurus is a delicious experience that highlights heartfelt, sensual delights. Enjoy

This is the final full week of Pluto in Capricorn before it enters Aquarius on March 23, as we sit in a vortex of transformation, a Sacred Turning Point that is monumental. You are here to add to the Light in the world by focusing on impeccable Self-care and being of service, continuously in process, always evolving. 

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. 

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Lisa E Zimmerman is an Intuitive Astrologer and Coach, and Creator of Awakened Life Retreats, helping seekers discover who they came here to be and how to create an empowered, meaningful life. It is a joyful, heartfelt journey. ❤️

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