Spring Forward, Clarify & Review – March 9, ’18

We are in a back and forth space as we begin the initial Retrograde of the season, while we “spring forward” into Daylight Savings Time on Sat night here in most U.S. states.

Jupiter is Retrograde in Scorpio until July 10th, revealing secrets and truth since Oct, when it entered passionate Scorpio. Scorpio wants the real (hidden) story and Jupiter wants truth. What a welcome combo for a world full of deception and lies.

What does this mean for you? It’s time to review positions and decisions you’ve made since last Dec, as Jupiter goes back over it until July when it turns Direct. Reexamine and reconsider anything that feels not quite right for you and be open to new info and directions to course correct.

A positive, proactive viewpoint will carry you far with Jupiter, planet of optimism, abundance and freedom, that aligns with your Higher Truth. Make the most of it by reevaluating your life from a place of possibilities and what you believe in. And use the Scorpio energy to notice if/how/where you give your power away – and then, take it back! If you don’t know how to do it, please get support. It will change your life.

Mars (action) and Uranus (change) harmonize this week, giving you a “pedal to the metal” feeling, ready to go! This is great for having the confidence to take actions towards something new (or a new way of doing something) and the energy to keep it going.

However, there are other energies this week that run counter to the go-go energy of Mars trine Uranus. Here they are:

* Sat-Tues, Mercury square Saturn – communications go nowhere or bring bad news, create discouragement, obstacles, or a feeling of separation. Higher expressions are documentation, clarifying instructions, requests, info or thoughts. Get missing info. I like documentation for clarity. Email rules!

* Mon, Mars square Chiron -issues around your personal will may come up as your weaknesses are revealed. How do you abandon yourself? Stay present to see where/when you give up on yourself and your desires – and why.

On Tues we have two very different aspects operating simultaneously:

* Venus square Saturn – brings up issues around Self-esteem, $$, blocked creativity or feeling unloved. Get the message – and then seek healing for those wounded places that are calling for love and attention.

* Sun trine Jupiter – activates optimistic, “anything is possible” energy. What a gift! Capitalize on this by taking actions that will propel you forward, making connections, sharing visions and exploring in order to expand your horizons.

Rather than being bi-polar, in one extreme or the other, use the powerful energies this week to guide you forward in deliberate ways. USE them. I’ll be reminding you along the way.

Whatever happens, don’t become discouraged if you appear to hit an obstacle. It just may be a call for more information, clarity or rethinking your approach.

If you feel rejected or unappreciated (Saturn square Venus), reach out to someone who loves you for comfort – and be willing to explore what that thing is within you that needs a healing. Everything is really information about you – and you are important!

We’re approaching Mercury Retrograde. Be prepared, back up your info!

Namaste, friends. We’re on a mission…


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