Spring Equinox / Sun in Aries – March 2024

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There’s an abundance of activity this week as we depart the Sun in Pisces to launch into fiery Aries on the Spring Equinox as we welcome the Astrological New Year. All planets are in Direct motion for the rest of March, fueling momentous actions and wild card outcomes via the Eclipse wormhole (March 10 – May 7), propelling us forward in ways we hadn’t anticipated. Fasten your seatbelts, stay high and prepare for quantum leaps as we awaken to new possibilities.

March 17 – Sun conjunct Neptune opens portals to your imagination, creativity, dreams, spiritual practices, intuition and Divine connection. This is a perfect time for channeling and contemplating where you are, how far you’ve come and where you’re going. What are you ready to release? This is a completion energy, as Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac and we’re about to begin a major new cycle.

Sun-Neptune can fall into delusion by idealizing others (selective vision), can be very suggestible, can be susceptible to victimhood, depression, despair or disillusionment. Too high (fantasyland, escapism) or too low is a call for support.

However, this is a perfect day for rest, leisure, movies, quiet time or self-care. The invitation is to stay in Divine Love, compassion, intentional visions and insights – or you may drop into confusion, overwhelm and become easily manipulated by others or by AI. What is real? It will become harder and harder to know, as Neptune is the planet of illusion. When in doubt, trust your intuition (Mercury in clarifying Aries will help).

March 18 – Mercury conjunct North Node (Destiny). Mercury enters its shadow today, the territory it will retrace when it turns Retrograde on April 1, so whatever you encounter from now until then, you will be going back over it when Mercury is Retrograde.

Mercury-N. Node indicates new learning, thinking, processing or communicating in ways that will enhance your development, growth and evolution going forward. This may be a result of all you’ve been through over the past months and now you’re ready to make a plan, set a goal or move towards something. In late April, Mercury and the N. Node will meet up again post-Eclipses, but will still be within the Retrograde wormhole, so you can expect course corrections, new info, ideas and events. More will be revealed, so stay tuned…

March 19 – The Spring Equinox / Sun at 0º Aries 8:06pm PDT. This is the astrological new year, as well as the start of the Spring season, when day and night are equal in length. This is a rebirth, when Aries – sign of the maverick, pioneer, warrior – is ready to initiate something. That’s Aries’ superpower, the courage and enthusiasm to start something – to take the initial steps to open doors or lay fresh tracks, so get ready to plant your dreams.

We are in the late degrees of Neptune, our beautiful life or idealized world – the vision of what we love. Pluto in Aquarius is forging a new path via space and the Higher Mind, challenging our linear understanding with new creations that affect our lives in practical ways. This can be disorienting or effortful, and yet you can feel you need to start something.

Maybe you know what you need to do and maybe you don’t. It’s not necessarily clear what your next steps are, but it’s important that you choose something to begin that you feel good about. In which part of your life do you need to do something? What do you need to address – and what actions can you take?

The good news is with Mercury Retrograde approaching in April, whatever you begin now, you’ll be making course corrections in April when Mercury retraces its steps, so you don’t have to have everything figured out. Plus, we have two Eclipses – a Lunar Eclipse on March 25 and a Solar Eclipse on April 8 – game changers that shake things up, so just focus on a new beginning. Set an intention and take an action.

March 20 – Mercury conjunct Chiron. Mercury and the Master Healer following the Equinox is perfect for non-violent communication, speaking or hearing healing words, making amends and the idea that sharing is caring. Try a little tenderness.

March 21 – Sun sextile Pluto. This can give you a boost to help you accomplish a challenging task or to focus on something that requires extra effort or motivation to deal with. This is a gift if you need drive, ambition and power to make something happen. Use it well.

Venus conjunct Saturn. This can go a few ways. Maybe you don’t get what you want, feel rejected or lonely, have $$ issues or you restructure a relationship, get a reality check (wake up call) – or have to do some work before you can enjoy a relationship, spend for a makeover or a renovation. A “give to get” deal, but worth it. However this plays out for you, it feels productive, will be worth the effort or wait, and is for the long term.

This week begins in soft, dreamy Pisces energy and ends in energetic, bold Aries energy. Big difference – and remember, we’re in a wormhole, just weeks away from a Lunar Eclipse in Libra and anything can happen. Since emotions run high around eclipses, expect fated events and be flexible.

Don’t judge events that happen as “good” or “bad” because you don’t know the big picture yet. Just watch, stay present and keep your heart open.

Focus on what you want to create, where you want to go, what you want to release – and know that you will land on your feet, no matter what. You have a mission to fulfill.

Stay open, show up. This is not the end of the story.

“I know there is confusion and doubt and what appears to be chaos. Can you see that beneath these surface shadows there is eternal Light? This earth plane is neither the beginning nor the end of your existence. It is simply a step, a schoolroom.” ~ Emmanuel, Pat Rodegast

“We’ve got to stop letting people, places and things stop affecting and infecting us.” ~ Deion Sanders, Coach Prime

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together.

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