Spring Equinox / Sun in Aries – March 2021

In the final day of dreamy Pisces we are called within to the quiet stillness of imagination, Spirit and the Void. Indulge in this space of profound transition, as winter and the astrological year come to a close, preparing to begin anew.

Overnight on March 20, the astro weather turns dramatically on the Spring Equinox @ 2:37am PDT, as the Sun enters Aries and we awaken to the latest incarnation of the New Earth and Spring. Feel the spark of activation kick in and notice where the fire burns within you, which motivates you to take action now!

Aries is the warrior, maverick and pioneer – the courageous, independent spirit that is impulsive and impatient, so watch your reaction when you can’t get what you want immediately. If there’s one thing the past year should have taught you, it’s patience… but you may be hot to trot after being locked down for so long. The enthusiasm of Aries is a great driver for starting anything, so trust your impulses and enjoy.

March 21 is an auspicious day for a reboot, an important action or commitment or a new beginning, as Venus enters Aries and you pursue your desires with vigor and passion! Venus in Aries loves the chase, the courtship and the challenge of going after what it wants.

Also, Mercury is sextile brilliant Uranus on March 21, facilitating bright ideas, good news, new insights, communications or info that changes your perspective or the playing field. An exciting awareness or surprise is possible… so stay tuned for that! You can serve the process by brainstorming, having conversations with stimulating others, journaling or meditating (Mercury is in Pisces, sign of going within) – or just doing something different. The point is to shift your outlook by opening to new info,

moving beyond your familiar mindset.

Finally, on the same day, fiery Mars is trine stable Saturn, making for actions that create lasting results. Aries is hot and fast, Saturn is slow and methodical – and together, you get the best of both worlds – passionate efforts to begin a project or fulfill an intention that will take time to complete, with a long term commitment. If there’s anything important you want to begin, this is a good day for it.

On March 23, Mercury squares Mars (again), and you can expect conflicting ideas, opinions, or verbal sparring – collectively and/or personally. This feels like every day over the last several years, and I still recommend that you allow news, social media and media in judiciously.

Reading/hearing negative or inflammatory info/opinions and witnessing conflict does influence you – and if you’re sensitive, it can feel depressing, so take good care of your mental heath by being as objective as possible (the observer). In your personal life, use the 24-hour rule before responding to anyone or anything if you’re triggered. You’ll be much more grounded with a little distance…

The other possibility for Mercury square Mars is advocating for those who don’t have the power or ability to speak up for themselves. You may take a stand for children, animals, disenfranchised people (elderly, immigrants, disabled) – or this may illustrate someone/you being overly pushy in persuasion.

The square creates tension or conflict, so if you’re speaking out, be mindful of how you present your case, as you can easily go overboard and work against yourself. Mars in Gemini can use words as weapons in a square – do you want to do that? If not, easy does it today.

The Sun is conjunct Venus on March 25, creating a sweet, harmonious energy that’s great for relationships and connections of all kinds. You may be inspired to dress up, do your hair and makeup and get out to make contact with others – or go shopping, work on a creative project or do something nice for yourself. It’s a feel good day, so make the most of it!

The cosmic switch will flip this week and we’ll be leaving the inner world to engage with our new world – and nobody knows details of what this will look like. You have to feel your way forward, based on the guidance you receive (impulses, intuition). Dare to follow it. Trust yourself. Take a chance on life in this unprecedented time of reemergence and reconstruction.

We are creating a new world – and it is messy. The conflicts, restrictions and resistance to change is still present, but behind that will be innovations and restructuring that manifests as a new experience of life. We are in the Pluto Return through 2024, so death and rebirth will be ongoing in various ways.

Remember, you chose to be here now, part of the revolution and turnaround. Trust that a higher path is unfolding moment by moment, all in Divine Order.

“A quantum leap is the unexpected that comes to you with sudden grace.You can open yourself to such a breakthrough, you can even invite it, but you can’t make it happen by struggling harder or insisting on first developing the perfect plan. ” ~ Price Pritchett

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo

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