Spring Equinox – March 2017

The winds of change are upon us as we close out the astrological year during the last few days of Pisces and move into the new year on Monday when the Sun enters Aries.

We have Eris (The Disrupter, a feminine warrior archetype seeking to expose a greater Truth) with Uranus (change/the unexpected) and these two can create chaos and frazzled nerves by injecting curveballs into the mix. Pay attention but don’t be distracted by drama.

If you are caught off-guard by sudden changes or unexpected events, be as objective as possible. Being in reaction to people and events activates your nervous system and can lead you astray, so easy does it…

The Sun is squaring taskmaster Saturn today, which can create a feeling of heaviness if you’re facing obstacles, which is often regarding something you’ve been avoiding. Consider it a reality check.

Saturn pushes you to take responsibility for your life and make decisions. What decisions do you need to make that you’ve been putting off? If you have anything lingering in your space, Saturn will let you know – and my advice is to get real and handle it.

We have the last few days of Pisces over the weekend, which are pretty mellow and on Monday morning the Sun moves into fiery Aries, our astrological New Year. Aries is the first sign in the zodiac and it always likes to be first! It is a cardinal sign that is all about action and starting things – an optimal time to take action to begin something new.

Also, Saturn will be sitting on the Moon as the Sun goes into Aries, potentially activating feelings of emptiness, loneliness, discontent or feeling unsupported. Know that this energy will be moving along quickly and if you experience this, it’s a sign of something that needs attention.

During this seasonal transition, acknowledge your endings and completions and be willing to enter the new year with a commitment to your evolving Self and life. Stay focused on your destination, whatever that is for you.

Namaste, Pioneers.

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