Spring Equinox – March 20, ’10

Happy Astrological New Year!  The  Spring  Equinox occurs as the  Sun enters   Aries on Sat, March 20th at 1:32 pm ET. This is the ultimate new beginning – a time of rebirth when the energies of the Universe support creation and action.

The New Moon in Pisces last week was the final New Moon of our annual astrological cycle. During the past year, old structures were dismantled (internally and externally), relationships either evolved or ended, and you were faced with your non-working patterns so that change became the “new normal” whether you consciously chose it or not.

Remember that any clearing and letting go that has occurred in your life has been for your greater good, and regardless of the circumstances that you are currently dealing with (even if they are challenging), this is ultimately a spiritual upgrade! 

And here you are – fresh, awakening in the energy of renewal as you step into your transformed life – where you will now operate from the new structures that you have created. What an adventure and what an opportunity!!

The Sun in Aries and Mars (ruler of Aries) in Leo are working together in harmony. This is a dynamic combo of inspired actions, new beginnings, the pioneering spirit, leadership and assertive self-expression. What more can you ask for?!! Can’t you feel the enthusiasm of readiness? It’s a very primal, inspired energy of joyful creativity and a desire to take action in the world.

While Mars was Retrograde you had months to revise plans and projects and now it’s time to launch those projects and take bold, new actions!  Mercury (communication) is in Aries and this means you have something to say, so put it out there – this is not the time to be shy! Venus in Aries is passionate, fired up and ready to transcend inhibitions that have prevented you from taking a leap into the world in a new way!

Can you feel me encouraging you to be your BIG Self?!  The energies over the last few months have been focused on undoing, releasing, reflecting and restructuring. Now you’re ready to present your new offerings to the world, whatever form they may take.

Be brave, be authentic, be your big Self!  The world loses when you play small and you cannot be in your power if you’re hiding your Light.  We need you to be who you came here to be!

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