Too soon? No! Special Announcement…

Is it too soon to think about 2018? No! Actually, NOW is EXACTLY the time to think about 2018 – and I’ll tell you why.  It’s early November and the energy is finally moving (even with all the world chaos and tragedy that collective decisions have generated).

Don’t allow yourself to be shut down by pain. It’s more important than EVER that you become fully empowered and engaged!

Now is the time to think about 2018, as Saturn (structure) will be leaving expansive, big picture Sagittarius and moving into serious, hardworking Capricorn on Dec 20.

It’s a good idea to put something in place that supports your future before the shift – and before Mercury turns Retrograde (Dec 3-22).

Mercury Retrograde is about making course corrections re: things already in process. It is NOT the optimal time to launch new projects or make major commitments, as new info may alter your perspective when Mercury turns Direct in late December.

That’s why I created this program – especially to support you, knowing the energies that are coming. And timing counts, so you need to see this now.

I’ve been doing Awakened Life Retreats for the last year in quaint Niwot, CO at a sweet B&B, my perfect venue and location. We love it there!

I’ve booked the entire Inn with 14 spaces available and I have a fab “Early Bird” special for you!

My intention: that you get CLEAR about your DIRECTION and NEXT STEPS so you leave with a PLAN and definite actions, aligned with your Authentic Self.

This will propel you forward, feeling empowered and energized about your future and your life.  And you don’t have to know exactly where you’re going in order to attend.

You just need to be ready for DIRECTION and DISCOVERY.

Click here: Awakened Life Retreat: Your Next Step for 2018

P.S. Worried about Colorado in the winter? It is GORGEOUS!! We have 300 sunny days a year and the daytime is so warm it doesn’t even feel like winter! Come to a winter wonderland and discover the magic of Colorado.  It’s not like winter elsewhere!

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