South Node Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius – Dec 3, 2021

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We open the week with a blast of a New Moon/South Node Solar Eclipse @ 12º Sagittarius, either late Dec 3 or early Dec 4 (east coast/west coast), that indicates a fated release, completion or ending (the S. Node relates to the past). Notice what you’ve let go of, and who/what has let go of you :)) This is also a good time to clean up any unfinished business so you are clear to move forward.

Also, Uranus is quincunx the Eclipse, bringing the unexpected or maybe stressing your nervous system, so be flexible and move gently. Mercury is conjunct the Sun and Moon, bringing info to light, new insights or communications that initiate ideas, projects, commerce and networking opportunities. Think busy and multi-tasking, with lots going on – and Saturn sextiles the Eclipse, which stabilizes the action (very helpful). 

Dreamy Neptune turned Direct on Dec 1 and sits at the same degree until mid-Jan, barely moving, radiating its profound nonlinear frequency to unwind rigid structures in the 3D world (and your personal life if it’s hitting you directly) in order to dissolve what’s no longer viable. That’s the gift of Neptune, so learn to appreciate its soft flowy vibe.

It can be disorienting when you are having a Neptune transit, as it calls you within to redirect your attention to your imagination, Higher Self or Inner Guidance. Go with it, as much as possible, whenever you feel it. It will serve you well. 

Mars sextiles Pluto on Dec 6, giving you great stamina and determination to fulfill a mission, complete a task or take care of business. If you have something challenging or important to accomplish, this is a great day to do it, as you will be energized and focused. 

On Dec 7, Mercury squares Neptune, which is fertile for artists, intuitives, creative writers and poets, but not good for facts or details. This combo is ripe for miscommunication, misunderstandings or misinformation, as well as disinformation and propaganda. When info is received on Mercury square Neptune, get a second opinion from a trusted advisor if you have to make a major decision – or wait until Dec 11 when Mercury is sextile Jupiter (good news, bright ideas, big picture). 

Mars squares Jupiter on Dec 8, with confidence and enthusiasm, ready to take a risk to start something new. This duo is on a mission, willing to leap into the unknown with a vision of certainty, motivated by the challenge as well as the inspiration of the outcome. Yes you can, but be mindful of what you take on – and overdoing it! Mars is the accelerator and Jupiter is your judgment – and the square is the glitch. Be mindful of what – and how much – you say “yes” to.

This can be a very productive week so enjoy your new beginning at the Solar Eclipse. May you have a reverent completion of all that has served you to bring you here, now, to prepare you for what is to come in 2022. This is all preparation for the coming year. 

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo

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