South Node Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn – July 16, 2019

It’s another active week with a Lunar Eclipse, but the next two days may feel relatively light, offering opportunities for connection, flow and enjoyment, in spite of any drama in the world – or in your life.

Mercury is Retrograde, along with Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn, Pluto and Chiron, so although it’s not an easy time for moving forward, it’s a perfect time for healing, allowing for new understandings and integration. This is a time of preparation for your evolving life in 2019-’20 and beyond.

Sat, July 13 brings an optimistic Moon-Jupiter conjunction, which can lift your spirits and boost your confidence, enabling you to reach a goal, take a risk, and/or make a move that will uplevel your life.

The Sun opposes Pluto on Sun, July 14, that can uncover secrets, hidden info, unconscious material or activate profound discoveries. The lower expressions of this energy are power struggles, covert actions or hidden agendas. Stay in the light and use this energy for personal transformation if you want to raise your game. And easy does it…

We have a South Node Lunar Eclipse @ 24º Capricorn on Tue, July 16, which is a Full Moon on steroids, yet exponentially greater! And this Full Moon conjuncts the South Node (karma/past) and Pluto (power/control). Wow.

This is a MAJOR let-go, whether it’s your choice or not, so be proactive and decide what is complete (or needs to be) and release it! Do what you can to align with the demands of this Lunar setup that is ultimately about liberation. Expect deep feelings and issues around power/powerlessness, your history, achievements and work in the world (Capricorn) to emerge.

The Sun is in nurturing Cancer, with the North Node (Destiny) and Venus, showing you where to go in order to fulfill your heartspace. Find the sweetness in life, as the North Node and Venus trine dreamy Neptune, flowing Divine Love to you. Follow what feeds your Spirit and you won’t go wrong.

The Solar aspects opposing the Lunar aspects expresses the polarity that we are experiencing in the world, and that you may be feeling within your Self. Do you have conflicting agendas internally? Like, you want security – but you want freedom, too (just an example)? Feel what’s there for you.

Can you create what you want and get your needs met? Are you ready to move beyond old fear-based motivations for living that keep you stuck? This could be the shift of something significant that’s blocking you, internally or externally. Stay tuned and be open to what shows up.

Don’t miss this opportunity to align with the dynamic, fertile energy that is ripe for breakthroughs. When you change, so does your life!

Take good care of yourself (North Node in sensitive Cancer). Your well being will allow you to Light up the world!

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