South Node Clearing and Re-alignment ~ January 3, 2020

Hello 2020! We’re approaching a Lunar Eclipse and Uranus changing direction, with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction right behind it. All happening next weekend. What a profound mixmaster…

We have five planets in ambitious Capricorn along with the South Node, which is urging you to “Feng Shui” your life and clear the clutter. Let go of what’s outdated, over or non-working. Or just not needed. Pare down. It’s time to begin a new leg of your journey and the burden of dragging the past with you interferes with your progress. And it’s heavy…

Mercury is conjunct the S. Node today, urging you to reassess your ways of thinking, processing and communicating specifically. Check your intentions (again). Get real about what’s not working, where you need support and either make the changes or get help to learn how.

Capricorn rules discipline, so with this lineup, it’s a great time to begin a new physical regimen or to practice developing new habits that are aligned with your Highest Good and desired direction. YOU decide what’s best for you going forward – and then take actions to follow through.

Mars (action) moved from shamanic Scorpio into optimistic Sagittarius early today, providing extra motivation to see(k) new possibilities, adventures and to rise above the usual routine. This is a nice updraft to go along with all the methodical, grounded Cap energy. Sag operates from: Let’s go! Yes we can!

On Jan 6/7 the Sun is in harmony with mystical Neptune, softening the edges of the “Just do it” Capricorn energy. Neptune rules Divine (unconditional) love, compassion, empathy and dreams, perfect for spiritual practice, healing and/or helping those with less power. Or just relaxing, for a gentle time out.

Sun-Neptune is also highly creative and artistic, so make art, enjoy art, make music, listen to music, see theater, movies or enjoy nonlinear activities that feed your soul. Access your intuition to discover visions, message or insights that are ready to come through you. This is valuable information! You may receive it while sitting, dreaming – or while moving, shifting beyond the mind.

On Dec 8 Jupiter is with the S. Node (yes, this again!). Now it’s time to review your beliefs, the paradigms you operate from and your faith. You have grown over the last five-ten years. Have your beliefs grown with you? The way your life is structured, your faith practice? Mine have changed dramatically over the years.

Sometimes it’s hard to see b/c you’re in it, like a fish in water. And sometimes you can feel when old beliefs/structures no longer fit. Check in. That’s the call. Then, what do you need next? Either make needed changes or explore to find out what you need next to realign your life with where you’re going.

The purpose for these personal reviews and check-ins is to align your life with the evolution of your soul. This is a high level assignment, and you came here to do this now. Even when you feel lost or unclear about your future, you will discover that you have more power than you know.

Use the Neptunian energy to dream your dream, use the S. Node to help you release what’s redundant, use Mars in Sagittarius to give you the inspiration to stay motivated, and use the Capricorn energy to ground your intentions, make plans and take practical actions to make them real.

Next Friday, Jan 10, is the Lunar Eclipse in Cancer AND Uranus Direct (planet of liberation and the unexpected). Back to back. Wow.

Who knows what that will bring? But don’t worry about that – stay focused on what you can do THIS week. We all have marching orders (compliments of the Cosmos!) and the more you do with it, the better you will be and feel.

Sending you love and gratitude for your presence on our journey together. xo

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