Solstice Full Moon in Capricorn – June 21, 2024

Following yesterday’s Solstice we have the first of two Full Moons in Capricorn at 1º and 29º Capricorn today and on July 21. The Full Moon brings things to light and is the culmination of events as the energy builds for this rare, double light show of Solstice-Full Moon illumination. Notice what comes up for you and the messages you receive as you pay attention and “do the right thing.”

June 21 – Full Moon at 1º Capricorn @ 6:08pm PDT. Capricorn rules achievement, responsibility, discipline, deferring pleasure to do what’s necessary, long term goals, methodical plans and success. The slogan, “Just do it,” is Capricorn – and with Pluto making its final pass in Capricorn this fall, the emphasis is on cleaning up any non-working structures and patterns in your life, so consider this a check-in.

Where are you now in relation to your worldly goals? Is your personal and professional life in balance? Capricorn is the Lord of Karma (you get back what you put out) or the Great Teacher/Guru. Your productivity is rewarded, but it’s important to have clear intentions and goals or you’ll direct your efforts towards things that aren’t truly aligned with your authentic desires or soul’s path.

Capricorn represents your authority in the world, as well as your Inner Authority. No matter what your worldly position is, do you trust yourself – or do you need others’ approval or agreement to feel comfortable with your decisions?

The Cancer Sun is focused on your personal life – home, family, care, your lineage (roots), the past and your feelings about them all. Your private world is your foundation; first, growing up and then, how you are nourished and feel safe within and behind the scenes. No matter how you look to the outside world, the “real real” is how you feel on the inside.

With the Sun, Venus and Mercury all in emotional Cancer, and with Mercury sextile Mars, it’s time to speak up about your needs and direct your energy toward anything that needs attention for your well being. If something is missing or if you’re overwhelmed, you will feel it. This is so much about what fills your heart, where you belong, care and emotional connections (another major Cancer theme).

Neptune squares the Full Moon, which can be useful if you tap into your Inner Guidance, dreams and visions for inspiration, like a GPS to call you forward. However, if you are very linear or don’t feel your inner/spiritual world, the Neptune square can create confusion, doubt, illusions or you may feel lost, which can drain your energy and confidence. Don’t make decisions from this place, but get support if needed to help you gain clarity about what is real for you – and know, this too shall pass… but don’t judge yourself!

Have compassion for your heavy reliance on your practical, left brain indoctrination that helps you feel safe by giving you data and evidence (proof). Learning how to access your intuition and Higher Self Guidance is a skill that can be learned, but not with a dominant, analytical busy mind. Find a teacher if you want to develop this aspect of yourself. It will change your life and expand your world!

June 26 – Mercury trine Saturn. When Mercury meets serious Saturn it is fertile ground for plans, decisions and commitments, to sign contracts, create schedules or a begin projects that have long-term effects. This is a powerful day for a solid beginning. Make the most of it.

This week has only a few major aspects, but what’s present serves discernment and decision-making. Self-care is primary and rituals that nurture you should be considered acts of love that benefit your health and well being.

The mystery of unfoldment is the magic of life. Allow it to be so for you. Wherever you are rigid, soften your edges and ground into the earth for stability. Know that All Is Well on a Higher level, no matter what it looks like in 3D and keep going.

When I Am in my peace and I Am in my light, I Am hopeful, decisive and balanced.” ~ Christopher Maher

“Within me lies an extraordinary radiance, and I commit to letting my Light loose in the world.” ~ Jan Phillips

“Human nature has been sold short … they a higher nature which includes the need for meaningful work, for responsibility, for creativeness, for being fair and just, for doing what is worthwhile and for preferring to do it well.” ~ Abraham Maslow

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together.

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