Solar Eclipse in Scorpio – Oct ’14

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We are still between two Eclipses and in Mercury Retrograde. I can’t emphasize enough how these energies are creating a dynamic container that allows you to restructure your life! Time and space are elastic and things can happen extra quickly or feel very expanded. Stay out of your head (analysis paralysis) and just flow with it…

It’s exciting to know that you aren’t stuck with anything if you dare to challenge your old beliefs and are willing to try something new wherever life isn’t feeling right for you.

The Mercury Retrograde slowdown provides you with the opportunity to notice things that you could easily miss when you are flowing in your usual rhythm of daily life. Keep your eyes open and pay attention to what you are attracting into your orbit at this time. And take advantage of opportunities that present themselves if they feel aligned with your goals and values.

Nothing is ever random; if it’s in your space, you called it in. When you realize that the world is your mirror, you can use what shows up as your GPS to show you where you are. Then make changes as needed.

We have a Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on Thursday, Oct 23rd. Leading up to that, we are in the dark of the moon – a time of preparation. Use this week to clean up and get clear about how you want to move forward in your life and what you want to redo/revise.

Then on the Solar Eclipse (the New Moon in Scorpio), it’s the time for a major new beginning and taking action to activate it. Venus is sitting with the Sun and Moon on this Solar Eclipse, bringing relationship issues to the forefront. What needs revamping in your relationships? Are you in your power – do you give and receive in balance, getting your needs met while showing up authentically?

Because Scorpio rules transformation, you can expect some letting go as part of your new creation, as one way/thing dies to be reborn anew. It takes courage and faith to release the known and believe that something better is waiting for you.

The Solar Eclipse is the time to take actions that will propel your life forward – and because we’re in Mercury Retrograde, let it be a course correction of something already begun.

Get clear, set your intention, take aligned actions and watch what happens in your life. I’m excited for you, just thinking about it!

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