Solar Eclipse in Scorpio – Nov 3, ’13

Lunar Eclipse Gold

We are at a turning point, where a collection of deep, profound energetic alignments occur, affecting us all collectively and personally. It sometimes feels like being in a slow moving earthquake, where successive events continue to alter the landscape, literally and figuratively – and you must shift accordingly to maintain your balance.

Where are you experiencing this in your life? Depending on your choices and life setup, it may be touching you in a very personal way or it may more peripheral at the moment, but it will affect us all (health care, anyone?!). The object is to be proactive, positive and adaptable – not to sink into fear or negativity. Your attitude will dictate your experience. Raise you vibration by operating with love, connection and compassion.

Today is the 4th of seven Uranus-Pluto squares (from ’12 – ’15), with a combustible, high octane energy (that’s been building), which kicks off the weekend. You may feel karmic energy in your own life through major endings, upheaval and/or dramatic curveballs. Use this energy by getting really real. Seek a breakthrough and allow it to work for you!

The Solar Eclipse in Scorpio occurs on Sunday at 7:50am ET which is a super-powered New Moon, so set your intention and take action toward some new beginning. However, Mercury is Retrograde, so take actions that are more correction-oriented, planning, creating or redoing. Scorpio rules everything that is hidden (including hidden talents), transformation, other peoples’ $$, values and resources, death and dying.

Go deep and deal with anything you’ve avoided that needs your attention now. Start anew on a path of healing or realigning and seek your own rebirth in an area of life that is calling for restructuring. The energy is ripe for transformation so I encourage you to get on board!

Follow your heart and dare to live the life you’ve always imagined. High octane energy initiates enormous possibilities for transformation, breakthroughs and blossoming. Let this be you, alive and in living color!

Mercury Green


Mercury Retrograde
Oct 21 to Nov 10

We are in Mercury Retrograde until Nov 10th. Slow down and double-check all travel details, communications and plans.

In order to avoid swimming upstream and having to return or fix things, wait to make major purchases until Mercury goes direct in mid-November.

If you must make any major purchases during this time, save your receipts! There may be a return in your future…

If you take actions to begin anything new, know that you will likely be revising your plans going forward – or that new contracts may not stick.

Utilize this time to assess your path, course correct, complete old projects and anything left undone, make amends, clear clutter (physical, mental, emotional) – and ultimately make plans to move forward and create your next incarnation.

Stay focused on your goals and intentions as you take appropriate actions. Align with your Higher Self, knowing that you will always be on the right track when you listen to that still, small voice within.

We have a few major  Moon Void of Course periods this week. Pay attention so you don’t schedule important meetings, dates, tasks or launches during Moon Void of Course times. Here’s a link to get the Perfect Timing Guide if you need it.

Don’t take any actions that require a specific outcome when the Moon is Void of Course. The Void Moon is good for leisure, spiritual connection, routine and creative activities, but not for targeted results.

Knowing the Void Moon times and acting accordingly goes to your responsibility for creating what you want in life.



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