Solar Eclipse in Pisces – March 20, ’15

Lunar Eclipse 2

This morning we awaken to a Solar Eclipse at 29º Pisces at 5:36am EDT — the last degree of the last sign in the zodiac and the energy of All That Is. Powerful, profound, peaceful. Feel it – it’s a rebirth with reverence.

This transition ushers in a New Beginning that will be a turning point in your life, in your consciousness and it can activate possibilities that you never dreamed possible! 

The experience you have will be determined by how you’ve engaged with life over the past few years. Did you let go of what’s complete and take actions to move forward – or did you resist the New Order to try to maintain the status quo? 

If you’ve been bold and aligned with the call of your Higher Self, you will likely experience new vistas or opportunities that create portals to expansive new landscapes. 

If you’ve been in avoidance, you may experience a loss or ending that forces you to face a new beginning. Don’t operate from fear, as that only creates drama (within and/or externally). To be empowered, get the message and look for how an event or circumstance can serve you.

Within the hour, the Moon moves into Aries and later, at 6:45pm EDT, the Sun moves into Aries and the Vernal Equinox on the World Axis (world events). This heightens the energy of an already super-powered New Moon Solar Eclipse!

The fiery energy of Aries along with the Divine Love / Oneness of Pisces is a profound combination of Old Soul and New Birth energy. 

What is it that you dream of creating or experiencing? Where are you meant be or go next? How might this all manifest in your life?

Events or connections may create dramatic new beginnings that you could never have imagined. Be open, be aware and be courageous enough to dare to live life more fully than you have before (oh boy!).

Saturn is sitting at 4º of Sagittarius until mid-April and is barely moving, making progress feel either non-existent or very slow. This is a call to pause and reflect on practical aspects of your life and see what needs to be handled in order to move forward.

There is a sorting process going on as you contemplate what to keep and bring forward with you – and what is complete or no longer helpful. 

These decisions are your responsibility (Saturn) – and moving forward on autopilot, rather than consciously deciding, is a setup for dragging old baggage into a new dawn, which will not be conducive to your comfort, growth and evolution.

Set your intention on the Eclipse and then take an action after the Sun goes into Aries at 6:45pm EDT. Watch  for the after effects – your “Eclipse Story” can happen either during the week of the Solar Eclipse, or it’s a story that begins to unfold now until the next set of Eclipses in Sept ’15.

Use your intuition to access the higher dimensions of your consciousness and tune into your Inner Guidance for clarity and direction, always.

I wish you peace, love, and a life fulfilled. 


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