Solar Eclipse in Leo – Aug 11, 2018

We have been in the tumble cycle for weeks now, for most of the summer. And here we are in the third of three Eclipses, with a final Solar Eclipse in Leo early tomorrow morning. It’s a SuperMoon, meaning it’s extra close to the earth and extra-powerful in its magnetic effects, with potentially greater impact. Boom! Could be some major new awakening!

A Solar Eclipse is a New Moon (new beginning) and this one is in Leo, the CEO, the Leader, the Ruler, the Creator, the center of things. Wherever you have Leo in your chart is an area that you came in to master.

Leo didn’t come to be a follower, it came to lead, whether at home, in your community or out in the world. To be a Light for others. Where do you do your thing, in your special way? Creativity and Self-expression are high, healthy expressions of Leo.

The Solar Eclipse in Leo reminds you to be the “King” or “Queen” of your Universe, to speak up, take charge and let your Light shine. How or where do you abandon yourself and not show up? This is a potential life-changing decision and action you can get clear about now.

This Solar Eclipse has Retrograde Mercury on it, so reviewing the past and considering how or what you’ll create going forward may figure into your experience. Mercury (mind) is square Jupiter (expansion), which is also in the Eclipse mix, so you may have some big ideas that are out of reach now – or you may have overlooked important details required to put your plan into action.

That’s okay. Use the Mercury-Jupiter inspiration to stretch your boundaries, but don’t make any big promises. All the Retrograde energy will make you face anything necessary that was missed, because that’s the way it works…)). Think big, but remember we’re in Retrograde Land and there will be multiple revisions as you move forward.

Jupiter harmonizes with dreamy Neptune, allowing for idealistic or spiritual pursuits, connections and generosity of spirit in general. This is energy you can tap into at any time for a respite from the duality in the 3D world. Both realities exist simultaneously.You decide where you want to place your attention and what you want to be part of in your way.

Jupiter is your beliefs and Neptune is your dreams. Align with the positivity of your Higher Self when making decisions. Fear is never part of your vision from your Higher Self. If you’re in fear, you’re in your ego – and a belief system that needs an alternative viewpoint to free and inspire you.

Mars leaves chaotic Aquarius and backs into Capricorn on Monday, making movement more methodical and measured. This is grounding, stabilizing, and easier to accommodate, rather than feeling blindsided by curveballs.

We still have all the planets and Chiron in Retrograde motion, with the exception of Jupiter and Venus (the bringers of abundance and love), so that’s a lot of undertow and slowdown. So slow down.

This time is good for clean up, for visioning, for making plans (knowing they will be revised as you go), for spiritual practice and taking care of your body, mind and spirit. It’s really important to take care of your Self during this time.

Anything you’ve been neglecting needs attention NOW. Be Leo, CEO of your world. You have something special to offer and if you don’t know what that is, I would love to help you discover it.

And by the way, I don’t care how old you are, if you haven’t yet discovered your special gift, calling or purpose yet, it’s never too late. Never! t bugs me when I see people suggest that you can/should figure it out, because you can’t. If it was supposed to happen that way, it would have already.

You will be led. Give yourself space and keep the faith. You aren’t late, wrong, a failure, you didn’t make a mistake, do it wrong, etc…

All is in Divine Order. Always.

Namaste, friends. We’re on a mission…


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