Solar Eclipse in Gemini – June 1, ’11

Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Gemini
June 1st @ 5:03pm EDT / 2:03pm PDT

We have a New Moon/Solar Eclipse in the friendly, curious, highly active sign of Gemini on Wed, June 1st – talk about starting the month off with bang!

The New Moon is always the time for new beginnings so be prepared to take  action directed toward what you want to create more of in your life. A Solar Eclipse is like a New Moon on steroids so take advantage of this energy!

Gemini rules information, all forms of communication, networking, education, classes (as teacher or student), workshops, community, the media, contracts, email, your iPad, iPhone, your Blackberry and ground transportation.

Is there a conversation you need to have, a communication you’ve been avoiding or a class you’ve wanted to register for?  Is it time to create or update your website or is there information you need to obtain in order to make a decision?

Are you ready to sign a contract or enter into an agreement? This is a stellar day to take an action that will enable you to move forward (pun intended!).

Do you need to network for business, join a meet-up group to  expand your horizons (business or social), or are you ready for online dating? Are there songs you want to download or are you ready to pursue public speaking?

These are all Gemini activities: networking, multi-tasking, blogging, and social media (Facebook, Linked In, Twitter).

This is the Internet era and you tech-phobic people need to get with the program! Take baby steps and let people  help you learn how to maneuver so that you can participate in the activity – this is how business is done and how we communicate now, so it’s time to get in the game!


The Eclipse Period

We have three Eclipses in the coming month:

June 1st – Solar Eclipse @ 11 degrees of Gemini

June 15th – Lunar Eclipse @ 24 degrees of Sagittarius

July 1st – Solar Eclipse @ 9 degrees of Cancer

Emotions run high around eclipses and you can expect the unexpected as well as fated events, so be prepared to be flexible. Eclipses can either clear huge obstacles or manifest potential challenges and things usually happen quickly.

If you’re confronted with an unexpected situation or event, take a moment to assess where you are and let the dust settle, if possible.

There’s a saying, “Don’t just do something, sit there!”  Use that guidance when anxiety triggers you to act prematurely or reactively, which doesn’t serve your highest good.

Please don’t judge events that happen around an Eclipse as “good” or “bad” because you don’t know what the big picture is and know that more will be revealed.

Here is general info about Eclipses so that you’ll recognize the ways they can manifest and how you can work with the energy.

* The energy lasts for about six weeks – you feel it two weeks before the 1st Eclipse (in this case, Solar) and two weeks between the Eclipses, and then two weeks after the last Eclipse (in this case again, Solar)

* Eclipses have a “Uranian” quality – expect sudden changes, unpredictable events, moments of fate and fated events

* Eclipses indicate “unnatural acts” (check the news) – and you may feel unnatural around an Eclipse

* Things may seem out of proportion during an Eclipse

* The story that opened up during the last set of eclipses is in effect until the next one (the last set was in late Dec ’10/early Jan ’11 – what was going on for you then?)

* Themes and issues will be revisited – what has been suppressed or denied in your life for the last six months?  Time to address it!

* Eclipses can bring important contacts into your life – or take people out of your life

* Solar eclipses are about beginnings (New Moons)

* Lunar eclipses are about endings or the culmination of things (Full Moons)

* People may overreact, be overly emotional, tense, and are often controlling due to feelings of powerlessness

* On the day of an eclipse you are “in the dark,” so relax into “easy does it” mode as much as possible

Changes will happen so be prepared to be proactive and flexible.  You can feel empowered and clear  – even if you’re in the hallway. (Register for my free telecall for more about that.)

All is in Divine order. All is well. And you are important!

“We decide what we want to see before we see it. We receive what we request. Projection makes perception. We can find – and in fact, will find – whatever it is we’re looking for in life. We see a brother’s innocence when that’s all we want to see.”  ~ Marianne Williamson

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