Solar Eclipse in Capricorn / Uranus Direct – January 2019

We begin 2019 with a bang, a Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on Sat night, Jan 5, with Uranus (change/revolution) turning Direct on Jan 6. Wow. Two wilds cards on the opening weekend of the year! And when Uranus turns Direct, ALL the planets are direct until March when Mercury Retrogrades.

A Solar Eclipse is a dramatic new beginning. The effects can manifest now or it can be the beginning of a story that unfolds until the next Eclipses in July ’19. It’s much easier to identify Eclipse experiences in retrospect because they are not usual. Expect sudden changes, unpredictable events, moments of fate and fated events.

On the day of an Eclipse you are in the dark, so easy does it and relax as much as possible. If changes do happen to you or yours, Be Spock (nonreactive, flexible, objective). That’s the work, and knowing that All is in Divine Order and more will be revealed…

Capricorn is the sign of responsibility, achievement, methodical actions, structures and your Inner Authority. If you are not in your Authority, you will feel like others (or life) is keeping you down. You are giving your power away by not claiming your desires, decisions, and the right to forge your own path, your own way.

If you need permission to take action, are addicted to rule-following or approval, you can easily feel trapped by a belief system that keeps you limited and doesn’t allow you freedom. A hostage release is called for!

If you are a free spirit or just want a result without a solid plan of action or the willingness to get training (steps) you need to create your desired manifestation, you can end up nowhere (magical thinking) or in a shaky structure that won’t really support you. And too many give up on their dream.

I think of spiritual practitioners who work too hard, undercharging for their services and experience burnout from over-giving. And believing that healers can’t make $$.

I came from that mindset before I worked with two brilliant business coaches who taught me: A) to value what I offer, and B) how to create systems that are solid, professional and are aligned with who I am. And how to charge appropriately for my work.

Saturn (ruler of Capricorn) and Pluto (power/transformation) surround the Solar Eclipse, making the gravity of responsibility for what you’re creating exponentially greater. The two heavy hitters, the “adults in the room” will not tolerate shortcuts, lackadaisical attitudes or rationalizing.

It’s time to do the work, whatever that means for you. Is it time to leave that dead-end job or relationship, find a new home, get that training you know you need or raise your prices? This is the call. Climb the mountain; the effort will be worth it.

Mercury moves into cautious, practical Capricorn tonight, which supports practical thinking and planning. Good, this is supportive. Use it well.

Uranus turns Direct on Jan 6, activating changes that can go to anything that’s been in process for you. Feel how this affects you and your life. It may be internal (new interests, directions, relationships, ideas) or it may be external – job, relationship, style, friends, projects, $$. If changes occur, they are an outpicturing of the changes within you, motivated by your evolution and Authentic Self.

Uranus is known as the Great Awakener, as it can shake you and wake you by clearing the decks if you’re holding on to something that’s blocking you from your Highest Good. And it’s your genius, your Higher Mind, so stay open to any bright ideas that come through you. Don’t dismiss what pops in – and write it down so you don’t forget it!

I am for being proactive with Uranus and change. If you direct the energy, you will feel more empowered than being at the effect of changes that you did not choose. You decide. Stand in your power.

On Tues, Jan 8, Mercury (mind) squares Mars in Aries (aggression). This setup is ripe for arguments, pushing ideas or attacking others. Knowing this, be extra mindful of how you communicate and who you engage with on this day. Not the best time to go into touchy areas. Easy does it…

Jupiter (expansion) square Neptune (Higher Self) beckons you toward your highest ideals. Allow your intuition and heartfelt longings inspire you forward.

The upshot of the week is it’s “go-time” with a plan; a combo of the Solar Eclipse and Uranus Direct and the New Moon Stellium in Capricorn. It’s the fiery dynamic energy of action, change, and new beginnings along with the cautious, methodical abundance of practical energy.

New beginnings, expect the unexpected and take responsibility for moving into new territory that will evolve your life. Step into your Inner Authority and allow your Higher Self (inner guidance) to lead you forward.


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