Solar Eclipse in Aries / Mercury Retrograde – April 2023

It’s Solar Eclipse week, which means anything can happen – and with a bang, a wild card – events that appear out of the blue can activate new beginnings or endings. Just like that. Don’t react and watch the show until you see how things shake out – what arrives, what leaves – and resist judgment, as you won’t really know the full story until later.

April 14 – Venus square Saturn can manifest in various ways. You may feel unappreciated, undervalued, unloved or you may set boundaries regarding the behavior that’s allowed and acceptable for you. If you don’t feel good in a relationship, get the memo (what’s wrong) – and renegotiate or you may decide to walk away. Just be clear about what the trigger is for you, your part in the dynamic – and what will serve you best. 

A Venus-Saturn square can also indicate issues in creative projects, your self-esteem, $$, beauty, style or comfort. With Saturn, it’s always best to be patient and take responsibility for what needs handling on your end.

April 19 @ 9:23pm PDT – Solar Eclipse at 29º Aries, the 2nd New Moon in Aries (the 1st was on March 21 at 0º Aries). You may have started something on the first New Moon and now you reassess how you feel and where you are with it – or you begin something entirely new. Whatever you’re doing, being or envisioning, you are invited to approach life in a new way – with a new perspective, direction, method, mindset – something that will carry you forward into uncharted waters (for you). 

Write your intentions after the New Moon or create a Vision Board to illustrate your dreams if you don’t have a linear plan or idea. It will be fascinating to look back later and see how life has unfolded for you…

Pluto squares the Solar Eclipse, making this a transformational experience if it touches you personally, bringing issues around power, pressure and/or endings. Breakthroughs and awakenings are possible if you are willing to see what’s there. Pay attention to powerful events and awarenesses that arise for you, as they will be pivotal for your future over the next few years.

April 20 – A few hours after the Eclipse, the Sun enters earthy Taurus and things calm down a bit, as you focus on comfort, the physical world and what you value. Taurus is slow, focused on practical issues, pleasure and what feels good. Let yourself enjoy the simple things – delicious food, comfy furniture, soft fabrics, sheets, towels, flowers, a massage. Come back into your body to be present and receptive.

Next, the Sun squares Pluto for the first time with Pluto in Aquarius – and with Taurus, they are both in fixed signs – and they don’t like change (think: standoff). This may have to do with global events, but if you experience it personally, you may hit a wall, encounter a challenging power dynamic, experience a breakthrough or an initiation. 

If you can harness your power or are willing to go deep to see what you’re attracting into your life, you can benefit tremendously from whatever you face. Be curious, contemplative and honest with yourself, but get the message – and get help if you need it!

April 21 – Mercury Retrograde in Taurus, giving you the opportunity to review and revise everything you started since April 7, as well as clearing clutter, cleaning up and creating space for you and your future endeavors. 

We have racy Aries energy leading into the Solar Eclipse that squares Pluto, so know there may be a blindside or unexpected experience involving you or around you. If nothing happens, good. Just be present and be the Witness, rather than reacting. You need your wits about you to make healthy decisions. 

The Sun in Taurus will ground the energy, but with Pluto still in the mix, rocking the boat. Sun in Taurus square Pluto in Aquarius feels like the clash of the Titans – or where your values are challenged. This may be about political leaders and people in charge of big $$. Stay tuned…

I suggest you tune in to your Inner Guidance to see where you’re being called and led. Trust your intuition, but don’t make any major moves that aren’t reversible right now, as Mercury will Retrograde and you may have a different perspective after you view your circumstances later. Plus, with Eclipses, you never know what will happen.

Easy does it, as we traverse this Sacred Turning Point. As the Witness, keep your consciousness high, knowing that ALL is in Divine Order, no matter what it looks like. We’ll be in the Eclipse Wormhole with Mercury Retrograde for almost a month, so this is going to be an unpredictable time.

“Life is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get.” ~ Forrest Gump

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. 

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