Solar Eclipse in Cancer – July 21 ’09

7:35 pm PDT ~ 10:35 pm EDT

We will experience a Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Cancer on Tuesday, July 21st and this one is “supercharged” due to its close position to the earth. The way it will impact you personally depends on where it lands and how it connects with the planets in your chart. Watch for major new beginnings or stories that open around the Eclipse – whatever shows up will likely be life-changing!

The focus is on your needs, as well as issues around security, home and family. Because it’s the 2nd New Moon in Cancer, you have the opportunity to go even deeper into your feelings, needs and unconscious issues.

Pluto (planet of transformation) is in the picture, pushing you to move forward and finally release the blocks, patterns, and relationships that are no longer relevant so that you can create a life that nurtures you. What needs to go? Who and what do you want in your life? The clearer you are, the greater your power to create it.

Uranus, (liberation/your authentic self), is connecting with the New Moon, providing extraordinary energy to manifest changes that are in alignment with your authentic self.  This is a gift, so please take advantage of this cosmic support and know that if you don’t make the changes they may be made for you!

If change is imposed upon you externally, know that it is for your highest good – sometimes it’s an outpicturing of what you really want but are afraid to act upon. If unexpected changes occur, set your intention to practice curiosity and contemplation rather than judgment (good/bad, right/wrong) – it’s much more spacious energetically and when you choose a higher vibration, it manifests as empowerment.

You are the creator of your experience, so in preparation for your New Moon intentions, really think about what you want in your life. You can create a life that nurtures, delights and allows you to express your gifts to the world in a joyful way. You get to decide what that means for you, so tap into your deepest self and be courageous in visioning your highest good!

Because this New Moon falls at the very end of Cancer, the next day (Wed, July 22nd) the Sun enters the fiery sign of Leo. Leo loves being the leader and center-stage, so it’s prime time for creativity and self-expression. Don’t be shy – where can you step up and put yourself out there, front and center? In creating your new life, this is the time to be bold!

“You can’t hide your secret thoughts because they show up as your life.” ~ Rev. Michael Beckwith

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