Slow it down with Mars Retrograde – Sept 2020


Sept 4 – we open the week with two aspects involving personal planets. Venus squares impulsive Mars, potentially creating relationship fireworks (passion), or conflicts/arguments, so be mindful. Venus-Mars fuels creativity, which can manifest as your artistic muse. Be proactive in deciding how to utilize this yin-yang square that will definitely liven things up, one way or another!

Also on Sept 4, Venus sextiles Mercury, making for warm, harmonious conversations, heartfelt sharing, affection and love connections. Socializing, creativity (writing, speaking, singing) – sweetness and maybe the makeup/healing after the friction that Venus square Mars brings. Enjoy!

On Sept 5 Mercury enters diplomatic Libra, where a desire for cooperation and peaceful communication is enhanced and strengthened. Maybe people will be a little kinder and gentler with their words (fingers crossed :)) with this calling for connection, compromise and healing conflicts. Take advantage of

opportunities that arise and use the energy to make connections now that will serve you going forward. 

Venus enters Self-centered Leo on Sept 6, kicking off a month of Venus focused on what makes life worth living for YOU. Allow yourself to play, express your creativity, receive appreciation and attention (let your partner/loved ones serve you!), and put yourself first when appropriate. This is a perfect time to try a new style (hair/clothes/environment) to brighten your space. Play, create, indulge your Self and enjoy! 

The Sun trines Jupiter on Sept 9, offering a new possibility/opportunity to expand your world in some way. A “glass half full” mindset can facilitate discoveries that you hadn’t noticed before, especially if you’ve been feeling stuck, in lack, or have had limitations. Think of wearing a new pair of glasses – suddenly you see what you were missing! Also, your mindset IS your (unconscious) intention, so make it conscious – and deliberate.

Jupiter rules the Higher Mind (wisdom), that can facilitate a new understanding re: where you are and where you’re being led. Understanding calms the mind by providing a conceptual framework that allows you to align your efforts with the big picture, making this extremely empowering. 

Here’s a mantra: “I discover new possibilities and opportunities today,” or “I wonder who wants to help me?” There is so much more available for you and your life than you know – more and better! This is true for all of us, so be on the lookout and be willing to explore. With Mercury in Libra and Venus in Leo, the energy is ripe and ready for collaboration, cooperation and co-creation, as long as you honor your Self in the process. 

Also on Sept 9, Mars turns Retrograde until Nov 13, giving you two months for a journey that will likely be slower than you desire, with revisions, reviews, trials and errors, and, at times, no clear indication that things are working for you. The potential for discouragement and frustration is high – and your job is not to go there. 

Mars in Aries wants to be first, fast and finished. The shortest distance from point A to point B. Boom! But Mars is Retrograde, retracing steps from late July on, and you will be faced with anything not quite right, that requires attention, in order for it to be viable for your future. 

Saturn is squaring Mars for the next few months as well, throwing up obstacles, calls for more detail or other extra work, which Mars in Aries finds tedious and trying. Watch your temper – and slow things down. 

This is the season for being methodical and taking baby steps. One bite at a time. And there is still all the heavy Capricorn (Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter) energy in play, deconstructing and restructuring our world, so there really is no need to rush – as structures are changing so fundamentally, we don’t know where we’ll end up – yet. Stay tuned…

Align your intention with the knowing that All is in Divine Order. I’m counting on that. It brings me comfort to embrace the idea that there’s a bigger picture than we know, regarding the mystery of life. Your spiritual practice is more important than ever, as it offers a space of peace and inner refuge, regardless of what’s happening in the external world.

Enjoy the lightness, and align your actions with the pace of life events, even when it feels slow. You are not late, you’re not behind, and somehow, everything will work out. Remember that. 

As always, I’m so grateful for your presence on our path together. xo 

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