Slow Down for Mercury Retrograde – October 2020

We kick off the week with potential fireworks, as feisty Mars Retrograde in Aries squares intense Pluto in Capricorn (barely moving since it turned Direct) today, setting up a combustible standoff between two unyielding powers. Be mindful and don’t engage in conflicts, as you can easily get burned by being reactive, impulsive or by trying to dominate a situation. Easy does it – and center yourself, whenever possible, before making decisions or taking action.

Venus trines Uranus on Oct 10, activating an exciting or stimulation shift in a relationship, your style, how you value yourself or receiving $$. Venus-Uranus in harmony implies change – a new beginning, direction or opening; a reboot that’s different and a more authentic expression of your evolving Self. 

You may unexpectedly receive a gift, $$, compliment, honor, meet someone new or express your creativity in an innovative way for you. This is positive, uplifting and it will expand your horizons if you it in. Stay open and consider it an affirmation of grace and a reminder of unexpected blessings.

The Sun squares Jupiter on Oct 11, which is potentially beneficial, even though it’s a square, because the Sun and Jupiter work together to expand your world, seeking higher potential. Of course, the lower expression of a Sun-Jupiter square is overdoing it – over-committing, over-promising, over-indulging, or self-righteous zeal, so please don’t go there. Stay conscious of what you’re agreeing to and doing.

Jupiter is big picture vibe, with possibilities, and a can-do vision. Use that to fuel your projects, efforts and intentions, as you pursue your path and goals. Jupiter is a “Yes!” planet – and in Capricorn, it requires you to earn opportunities, so do your work and stay focused on your desired outcome. With all the current ups and downs, it behooves you to take advantage of uplifting energy in methodical ways, with an eye on practicality (which success-oriented Capricorn demands). 

Oct 12 has two flowing aspects, opening with Jupiter sextile Neptune, both spiritual, expansive, and creative energies. Jupiter-Neptune speaks to high ideals, compassion, empathy and possibilities of a world that can be. Higher Truth (integrity) and Higher Self (intuition) is the ultimate guidance system when they work together in alignment. This is powerful energy for visioning your future, connecting or collaborating with others to create something or sharing a message.

Mercury sextiles Venus on Oct 12, offering ideas/communications that are delivered in warm, loving, positive ways. This is good day for harmonious connections, whether for business or your personal life. The overall energy is soft and receptive, which is a welcomed relief, following the edgy turbulence that’s been ever present this year.

On Oct 13-Nov 3, Mercury Retrograde begins. Back up your data NOW – and adjust your expectations regarding solutions, incoming info or anything you are waiting for, as life slows down. Mars (action) is already Retrograde – and now Mercury (mind, data, communication) will be reviewing and revising as well. Get my free report (click link above) so you know how to USE Mercury Retrograde, rather than trying to swim upstream against the current.

The next three weeks is a perfect time to course correct anything that needs attention in your life, whether that pertains to systems, structures, expectations, plans, projects or relationships. Alignment means to flow in the the same direction as the energy, like taking an umbrella outside in the rain :)). You know what’s not working for you, and this is the time to offer loving care or for taking responsibility for your well being. 

On the same day, the Sun opposes combative Mars, instigating strong-willed, pushy energy that wants what it wants NOW. Unfortunately, Mercury is standing still, to turn backwards, hijacking the forward motion, so there’s a likely setup for frustration. Pushing won’t work, so don’t do it. Plan to do inner work or routine paperwork, work out, clean, meditate, journal, but choose something doable, knowing that Mercury is not moving – and that it will be going backwards for weeks. 

The Sun squares Pluto on Oct 15, and we’re back in a power struggle – definitely a global experience, but you want to avoid that in your personal life. My definition of “power” is the ability to create what you want, so use this day to focus on creating something that you desire. When you feel like the master of your domain, it is extremely invigorating and life-enhancing. Learning to create what you desire is a path I highly recommend, which we are not traditionally taught in our world. If you want to learn, start looking for your teachers (a wonderful mantra: “Show me my teachers.”).

All week, we’re heading toward a New Moon in Libra next Friday (Oct 16), and we’ll be in the dark of the Moon. This is a time of endings to prepare for the seeds that will be planted next week. Therefore, it’s a perfect time to feel into what you want to create going forward, even if it’s a baby step. It’s always empowering to have something you’re focused on to call you forward – and it’s a powerful antidote for drama. I love that!

Make good use of the harmonious energies that appear this week and be extra gentle on the rockier days. This info is for your awareness, to empower you to be able to decide how to proceed consciously, on any given day. 

Step into the greatness of your Being and embody your power. Do what you can when you can and keep the faith. What you choose to believe determines your experience, so focus on what you want to create and connect with like-minded people who inspire you. Bonding with others around problems (unless you have solutions), will only reinforce your belief in your powerlessness (no!). 

“You will know when you are calm, at peace. Passive. A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense, never for attack.” ~ Yoda to Luke Skywalker, The Empire Strikes Back. 

As always, I’m grateful for your presence on our path together. xo

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