Soul Level Awakening Reading

the update…

We are living in revolutionary and evolutionary times. Our world is rapidly evolving, as old paradigms dissolve and are replaced by futuristic realities, accelerating all the while. Now, tune in to your Self.

YOU are realigning and evolving as well…

As outdated identities, beliefs and attitudes no longer apply, new expressions of your Self will emerge and recreate your life in some way.

This can manifest as a new direction in life, but at the very least, you will experience inner restructuring to adapt to our changing world, which may be obvious or subtle.  

It’s time to reassess your life and make choices — whether an adjustment, revision, upgrade or a complete overhaul is called for. Your personal evolution will activate the needed changes not only in your outer life, but within YOU, for you to be able to embody maximum peace, alignment and purpose.

But what if you’re not clear… what if you know you should be doing something, but you’re just not sure exactly what? Your mind can go into overdrive trying to seek solutions that, when driven by worry or fear, causes stress and can lead you astray. 

Good news: guidance is available that is aligned with your soul’s journey that is unique to YOU and your life setup.

the question…

Are you ready to discover your Soul’s path and next steps?

Your Truth will lead you forward, toward your Soul’s Destiny.  This is Earth School; the Higher Path is learning to navigate, in flow, with grace, while recognizing WHO and WHAT belongs in your world. Knowing what feels right for YOU is your job – then trusting your Self to follow through.


It’s time to embody a new level of Self-empowerment


So… who are you becoming and where are you going?

If you are unsure, no worries. Help is here via your Astrology Chart, your Soul Map. It indicates your gifts, strengths and talents, as well as your Destiny in this lifetime. But there’s a more subtle element at work — who you are becoming, that you may be feeling without knowing how to language yet, as you evolve. It can be very exciting – and sometimes confusing. I look forward to mirroring that for you.

My intention is to help you connect to who you are and why you are here – and to help you align with your current path in the most productive ways.


Through all of the current and coming changes, you have a path of opportunity that is unfolding for you – and with clarity, you can engage with confidence to maximize the potential that’s available for you. I’d love to help you find it.  

When I hear the details of your current circumstances and see your Astrology Chart, my intuition comes through with guidance for you, as well as detecting hidden patterns (blind spots) that you may not be aware of. I so look forward to supporting you and your awakening!  


If you’re ready for your next steps get your



This Reading includes:

• A 75-minute Astrology Reading via Zoom or phone to discover what’s happening now – and in the year ahead

• Written info with dates and bullet points for current energies and coming events

• If the Eclipses will touch you personally

• Your astrological chart & a digital recording of your session


As the world rapidly changes, every soul has a timeline for their development – and your Astrology Chart illustrates yours


Get the care and direction you need for clarity and support!



by Lisa E. Zimmerman | Intuitive Astrologer & Transformational Coach



Full Pay $297


2 Installments of $160 

(billed 30 days apart)

I will contact you after your purchase to schedule

Rescheduling can take place up to 24 hours in advance without a $200 rescheduling fee. No shows forfeit their session.

Lisa E Zimmerman | Soul Level Solutions


Christine Kane - Uplevel You™/ Best-Selling Author, The Soul Sourced Entrepreneur

“So, I’m not someone who runs around getting readings from just anyone. I wanted to work with Lisa because she truly lives what she teaches — and because she gets people at a very deep level. Lisa is more than an astrologer. She’s a guide for your clarity and a coach for your life direction. Sometimes we can be vaguely aware of what’s in the way or the mindsets that are holding us back from our next best steps. Lisa is able to gently shine a light on those places and reveal to you the perfect practices and heart-centered action steps that will create your authentic awakening into your purpose.”

Uplevel You

Schelli Whitehouse, Author - The Business of Coaching With Horses

“Having an astrological reading with Lisa is like looking into the mirror and seeing magnificent aspects of yourself that you knew were there but just couldn’t see (or were afraid to acknowledge) before. I love her direct, no-nonsense approach to ‘what is.’ Lisa gave me clarity on some issues from my past as well as validation around feelings and decisions I’m facing in the present. And her forecast on future ‘energy patterns’ gives me some insight as to how to prepare mentally and emotionally of what’s to come. With the craziness and intense changes going on she really does offer ‘soul-level solutions’!”

The Equine Inspired Life
Lori Crete, Licensed Esthetician and Spa Owner

“I have had quite a few readings in the past, but NONE compare to the reading I had with Lisa. She is truly amazing! The reading was so eye-opening and enlightening. When you discover and become aware of why certain things are happening you suddenly have a clear direction and beautiful doors begin to open in your life – this is the gift I received from Lisa. I felt so taken care of when I worked with Lisa – her love and compassion towards her clients (and her work) are very apparent. Thanks so much for an amazing reading Lisa – you’re the BEST!”

The Spa 10